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moral and ethical considerations vs the law of atraction (2 Viewers)


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Has anyone seen the sudo documentary called the secrete. It is a documentary that claims that if you believe it hard enough it will happen. if at all realistic your wish be. there are so many people that believe in these principles{a.k.a the so called law of attraction.} without think about the ramifications that it scares me. for one there are people trying to use the law of attractions to make someone specific love them. e gad just the moral ramifications around the lack of consent alone s bad on that issue, more less the fact if it woks that you or the universe on your behalf have brain controlled another human being to the same extent as a love spell. and using the law of attraction is real simple.. just user affirmations to reprogram your subconscious.. the universe will do the rest... is it just me or does the prospects laid out in the law of attraction actually scare you more than intrigue you.


Staff member
Doesn't scare me at all, since I'd regard it as hoped for wish fulfilment with purely coincidental results pinned on nonsense. You want something to happen? Work for it. Do happy coincidences happen? Sometimes. It's nothing to count on.


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I agree. Thats not what scares me... it's people's willingness to try it that scares me.
This is actually why Dave Mustaine (of Megadeath) ended up becoming a Christian ... he cast a hex on a girl to make her like him and was so horrified when it actually worked that it turned him away from magic and he turned to Jesus instead. lol.

But, yeah, the fact that people are just ok with the thought of manipulating reality to that extent is really bad. I think that's part of why the Christian faith considers all forms of occultism and magic bad -- because it's an attempt to flatten the world, even the spiritual world, into something for your use. (Of course that's not the only reason occultism is bad, but it's part of it.)