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Moonscape: A First Contact Science Fiction Odyssey (1 Viewer)


An uninformed choice…
Eli Thompson lived an idyllic life as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park until an innocent fling with a divorced woman delivered a vengeful husband to his door.

Can change…
Convicted of manslaughter, Eli is sentenced to a life of hard labor on the Moon. In time, he settles in and meets Anna, and a budding romance begins.

When alien creatures rise from beneath the lunar surface to annihilate a remote mining expedition, an exploratory mission is mounted to investigate. With nothing to lose, Eli and Anna volunteer.

What they find is beyond anything they could imagine.
An ancient mystery waits in a remote lunar crater. It’s a discovery that may herald a utopia or drive humanity to extinction.

Moonscape is a mind-bending first-contact hard science fiction leap that will keep the reader turning pages. Those that were enthralled with Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End or Carl Sagan’s Contact will love this story.

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Ken Barrett grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked as a Design Engineer for over thirty years in Silicon Valley. He is a lifelong biker and an accomplished martial artist with several advanced black-belt degrees. He is retired and living in Colorado.