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Monologue of a Schizophrenic Desensitized Satanist: Part I : When Push Comes to Shove (1 Viewer)



Monologue of a Schizophrenic Desensitized Satanist: Part I : When Push Comes to Shove

Desensitized Satanist: When push comes to shove, I worship the devil - wearing monk clothing. I worship my body in a ring of water...POUR SOME FIRE ON ME BEFORE I DROWN!

Worshippers: Your flesh is too dirty to worship at the moment...I hate to be so Catholic but you're going to need a shower before the rituals commence.

Chanters: I want to smell through my eyes, it smells so yellow. I want to smell through my ears. It smells like a symphony, it smells like Beethoven. He was blind you know...he was blind you know...

Desensitized Satanist: Yes of course I know, I have skin to hear you know...absorbing flesh...fiery flesh...burning sensation...sensual all the time. Ah, nobody knows!

Chanters: Was he blind or did he just have ears where his eyes should be?
Worshippers: Sounds like my kind of Satan! Want to have some T.V. Dinner or some Human Flesh?

All: Sounds good to me!

Tomorrow: Part II: Drivers Education


Senior Member
where do you see a 'monologue' in this?

and what's the setting?... this is not a play script, just bits of dialog... and italics are not used for dialog...


hehe...it's all in his head...please don't take this too seriously it was rather for giggles