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Money from playwriting (1 Viewer)

Asphyxiation Len

Senior Member
I'm writing a play, but am very green, and have no clue as to how one makes money from their efforts. If anyone could tell me, that would be nice.


An amateur


Senior Member
basically, you don't!...

the sad fact is that very few playwrights ever make any money from their efforts... even the most famous didn't really get rich from their plays alone... the most common way a playwright gets paid for a play he/she wrote, is if it's produced and makes money for the producer, bringing in a share of the profits as 'royalties'...

on the lower end of the scale is being paid a few bucks here and there, by local small/community theater companies and/or schools wanting to stage the play... if it's reviewed well and catches the attention of a major producer, you might then have a shot at the big time...

samuel french, inc. is 'the' play publisher in the us... they collect royalties from all companies that stage the plays they've published, and pass on the playwright's share in the same way book publishers do for novels, or whatever... they don't usually publish a play script till it's been produced successfully, but they do publish a lot of 'minor' plays for school and community theater use... and they do accept submissions... here's their website's submission page: http://www.samuelfrench.com/store/play_submission.php?osCsid=e3daec1b8c9341a53ddbcd2670666f8f

be sure to read all the other info on the site... it'll give you a good idea of how things work in the play publishing world...

i've written plays and a musical, and i mentor budding playwrights, so if you want any help with your play or just an assessment of whether it's ready to be seen, you can email me any time... hope this helps some...

love and hugs, maia
[email protected]

Mike C

WF Veterans
I would suggest - as an acid test - taking it to a local theatre group, who are always looking for something they can perform that won't break the bank. If they hate it, you have at least an opinion and you've lost nothing. If they like it you may not make any money, but you may make a reputation.

Asphyxiation Len

Senior Member
Thank you, both of you. You have made suggestions that will be useful to me, and when I finish (it will happen... it has to!) i'll try to remember your advice. Mammamaia, your invitation I may take you up one day - thanks.