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Miss Violet (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
She picked me
from a litter of many
To snuggle and purr
her way into my heart

She didn't know
it would be only days
Neither did I
but then, does anyone?

Is that why she picked me
to be warm and loved
The centre of my attention
because she really did know

That it was me
who would give her
Exactly what she needed
to Let Love Live



Senior Member

I find this rather touching, especially given that I am sat with my cat on my lap as I respond to this post. I find it touching in the way in which you depict the kitten choosing the speaker and this is something that I’m sure a lot of pet owners can appreciate and relate to.

If I had any criticism, I think the conclusion could be somewhat more hard hitting by being a little less oblique.




Senior Member
Hmmmm Are you referring to the 'let love live' being capitalized? Others have told me the same thing and I agree, but I do want to make sure I'm not missing what you're telling me. Rearranging the letters in her name spells 'let love live' and maybe that's more for me to know than trying to convey that to anyone who reads the poem. It's not one of my most creative pieces, but writing it helped process the emotions that blindsided me when she died after only three weeks of adopting her.

Much appreciate the comment!