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Do you guys do mind mapping for your nano novels?
I did write an attempt, but it wasn't for nano. I found mind mapping helps me lay out most of my ideas into a consistent flow.

Anyone else do mind mapping? If not what other 'strategies' do you have in preparation for your nano novel?


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Yes of course.

I started just yesterday preparing for my novel. It helps a lot, and makes it very easy once you start writing as well.


Nope, not this year. In other years, I've over-plotted and over-planned. This year, I'm using a vague storyline that allows for a lot of play. Having said that, however, I've been gathering bits and pieces of information that will help add depth and realism to the setting/history/culture of my NaNo--nothing plot related, though.


I just work on the characters. For me, the characters make the story anyway, and heaven knows I have A LOT of characters in this one..


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i find that me mind mapping a story ruins it cos i know what will happen so i just play it out in my head and dont write it down.

that and mind maps confuse me. i always end up having loadsa little bubbles joining up and then it stops making sense after the 5th extension or so.


I use minds maps for characters, one large sheet pinned on the wall or kept in a folder keeps a lot of info visible and accessible, much tidier than notes across a couple of pages in different notepads.

Never used it for plotting though.


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i don't plan things, i just write them. that creates a problem sometimes though as i have a begining, and i have an ending, but i don't know what i want to heppen in between. maybe i should plan more, i might try it.


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I tried Buzan's processes and eventually gave up. As much time as I was spending drawing out a map, it was about the same just committing the notes to memory.
I outline and work on the characters.
I take those surveys that you get in myspace bulletins and fill them out for my characters. It really defines them.


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Those guidelines seem unnecessarily strict. Why exactly should it radiate outwards and why should it get thinner as it goes out? What if I have ideas with multiple centers--or no center? Why can't I have an unlinked idea?

How is mind-mapping unlike writing a novel?


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Multiple centers would mean subjects calling for multiple (separate) mind maps. An unlinked idea would be another separate subject. Simply pull out another sheet of paper and draw up another map.


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I use the old fashion style to help me write. It goes like this:

I walk around in the pitch black darkness and turn the corner. Out of the darkness jumps a very big.... hmm what should i put here.... I KNOW! 50 legged spider with red eyes and a flaming back... its called a... hmmmm Falider.
I call it the "no organization" style. hehehehe



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Interesting, i'v never mind mapped before. So i'm wondering how does someone mind map a novel that hasn't been started yet?