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Mind Catcher by John Darnton (1 Viewer)


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I'm actually not even done with this one yet, but it's pretty interesting so far. It has me wondering though: some of the main characters are neurologists and towards the beginning of the book they're in the middle of brain surgery. The woman they're operating on is Hispanic and has epilepsy. Obviously Spanish is her primary language and English is her secondary. For some reason, they have to remove a part of her brain and in doing so they will erase one of the languages. They choose to erase the Spanish because she needs English for her job. So I start thinking, after this woman goes through surgery she won't know Spanish anymore? Is that really possible? Another thing that got my attention: one of the doctors is showing a bunch of psychologists and psychiatrists around his hospital and one man makes a comment on something the doctor said. The doctor asks him "Do you believe in God?" The man answers yes. The doctor says, "I would be willing to bet that if I could get you on my operating table, I could seek out a certain tiny portion of your left frontal lobe and remove it, and when you woke up, you would find that your belief had deserted you." I'm just wondering if this is really possible. It's kind of hard to believe that if a tiny part of your brain is removed that you'll forget a language or won't have certain beliefs anymore. Any opinions?