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Million Dollar Story (1 Viewer)



When still a child each of us would dream about writing a book or a story, becoming famous and making money. This becomes easily possible within the project that we start. Any author can become a participant regardless his age, occupation, residence or literary experience. The language of the story is English. The story’s shape is fictional, which allows an author to tell of his world the best way he chooses.
All there is to be done is writing the story on adding up to it no less than one sentence. The deposit it takes you to have one word published is one dollar. This will be your contribution into the viability of the project. The story is composed of one million letters.
As soon as the story has been written to its end the project will be submitted into print with the budget of one million dollar for further publishing and distribution. The finale of the story will take place at the conference between the story’s authors held in New York, where the money thus made is goung to be distributed in proportions with the amount of text that has been mailed and published.



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ketiusa said:
The language of the story is English.

The Story said:
When Ketti Storynet boarded the afternoon train for New - York, her total outfit consisted of a small trunk and a white leather snap purse, containing her ticket and million dollars in money. It was in July, 2006

Are you sure it's in English?

Anyway, thinking of wasting their money on such schlock may want to write to the site's owner, Yuriy Borshchenko at the following address in order to allay their fears over wasting their hard earned cash:

Yuriy Borshchenko 79010, Ukraine, Lviv
Chernigivska Str. 21/24

And, if you think writing a letter takes to long then phone (or text) him on
(+38 066) 2700461 . Go on, you know it makes no sense.