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Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (1 Viewer)

Hell's Angel

Senior Member
So I've finally gotten back to Middlesex by Jeff E. after a long hiatus involving a friend and a useless mandatory school test. This friend was interested--or, rather, forced--in borrowing the book, so I settled on finishing Dorian Gray and, recently, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick (strange book, we can talk later). Book club'd just eaten up Lovecraft.

Of course, being only fourteen, you could imagine the reactions to the title. I was supposedly dirty for reading about a in England. Then I spared them all and went with, "It's about a hermaphrodite." (Then again, I am notoriously dirty.) And yes--I purchased the thing before Oprah came on late to the scene.

Anyway, I'm really digging Jeff's work so far. It's simple, then elaborate. The style is familiar to what I'm trying to do. So does anyone else have any thoughts on the big fat Greek-American saga?

Sidenote: Are people choking while trying to watch BBC America? There's this encouragement to turn on closed captions with some Queensy guy doing the voiceover.


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I was interested in reading this because it was on Oprah but I was not so sure about the topic.

It is quite a thought to have a character that is different in that way. I wonder what problems the character will face and overcome.


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I read Middlesex. It is a strange book, but I found it endlessly fascinating. It has many, many facets to it, but it doesn't lose sight of itself. I had never read or really knew much about hermaphrodites so I it was also very informative in that respect. And just the whole idea of history, family and the minutest of moments having such a signficant impact on another person's life was very well-done. It was a long, weird haul, but very much worth it. :)