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Microsoft Editor (1 Viewer)


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Microsoft Editor is available in the chrome store, and can be installed on Microsoft Edge. Any opinions on whether it is as good or better than Grammarly? There is a free and paid for version. IMO an adequate editor would mean a great deal to me since I pay for a cloud-based service. Here are some links:

For 7 dollars a month it beats many of the monthly price points of its competitors.

I currently pay 3 dollars for the cloud subscription. I do not know if it is truly worth it.

Since I have 2 computers, I think it might save me money to upgrade in the near future to this. That would be the family plan. The family plan goes for 8 dollars. More than twenty languages are supported. As you can tell this is a very recent development. I am trying it today. This is good news for a lot of people who want to proofread their work. It also works for free on forums.


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I appreciation the mention of MS Editor. I installed the Chrome Extension. It's a bit more helpful than Google's own spellcheck. I need to upload a new project to my proofreading app and see if it recognizes the rich text edit box I have in the app.