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Michael (reflections of the trial) (1 Viewer)

Max SG

Senior Member
This is a slightly different article about the Michael Jackson trial from the angle of childhood remembrances and men's legacies of abuse. I have to include a link because it is just too long otherwise.

by Max Gordon
February 24, 2005

With the announcement that the jury had finally been selected for Michael Jackson’s trial on charges of child molestation came this memory: when my friend Douglas and I were twelve, Douglas was the first to have Michael Jackson hair. He came to school one Monday morning with a clear, disposable shower cap over his head. Over the weekend, his mother had taken him to get a jherri curl. He’d been begging her for months. A jherri curl was a serious expense in 1982 and cost between eighty and a hundred dollars; a big difference from the ten dollar haircuts Douglas and I got once a month at the barbershop. It was a luxury that required a beauty parlor and an entire afternoon. I’d wondered on Saturday why Douglas hadn’t been able to go bike-riding, why he hadn’t answered the phone all day. When I finally reached him on Sunday, he told me he’d see me the next morning at school with a big surprise.