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Metropalis- The prologue (Mark 1) (Language) (1 Viewer)


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This contains bad language and violence.
2016 American Presidential Election

Barack Obama has been replaced by Richard Blowell as American President. The 42 year old Republican from Lincoln, Nebraska offered change to a country that needed change. People thought this would save America, but we know this as the end of it.

14th October 2018
I am shocked. War has begun. Fucking Bastard, why did we vote him in? Ever since he went into office, the country has been on the downslide. The thought of prosper, when he got elected in. How we where wrong. A single tear rolls down my cheek. My mouth ajar. What once was a great country, the best in the world, is now one of the worst economically and has now a weak and useless military. Iraq, that where this all began. Losing 60,000 men and women like that, in one day, I was lucky to get out alive. I glance at my clock, hung above the fireplace slanting to one side. One minute to midnight. My feelings have been destroyed enough today, so more news will have to wait til the morning. I slowly force myself out of the leather armchair, which has a clear buttprint.

The route to my bedroom is just me just constantly trying not to step on empty pizza boxes or newspapers, mostly because I'll fall over if i do! The floor was covered in litter but I felt something sharp in foot. At first glass. But when I looked. Made in China. Fuck bastards trying to take our country. Once our friend now our enemy!

Finally my room, it's not much. Just few playboy posters adorn my walls with not even a scrap of wallpaper. My bed is in a crumpled state, covers strune over my floors. I climb into bed, half asleep already, and I pull my creased quilt over my ice cold body. I close my eyes and as I do I fall asleep.

19th February 2019
Death toll- 14,926
War has consumed us now. Everyone. Children. Elders. Even me. We just get on with our lives. Living in this town, it seems so far away. Even though it's not. No attacks. No bombings. No soldiers. This war is effecting everything but our community. As I leave my house, I look across next door. My lawn is pristinely cut with a small rose bush providing colour to it, a splash of light pink. Next doors lawn is a different story. Weeds, overgrown hedges and dead flowers. Poor Sharon. 3 kids. No help. Just herself. I talk to her every once in a while, send gifts at birthdays but she refuses help. Social Services offered too, but "She can cope".

As I focus on getting towards my car, numerous military convoys charge down the Tarmac. "Please don't park here" I repeatedly whisper to myself. I didn't want that to happen. After Iraq, I wouldn't go back in the army. That was a chapter I didn't want to re-live. Death, destruction. The reasons why this war has been torture for me. Every night, the faces of people who were. Flashbacks of that fateful day. The day everyone died. But I wouldn't let that happen. No I escaped only to be come back to half of my previous life. To be shot down in public. To no family.

My worst fears came true. A green 4x4 carrying six men from my street, all different ages and sizes. Recruited for slaughter. All with little or none military experience. They'll die within the next month. An old man, buzz cut hair and in all the uniform, jumped out the jeep and then straightened his cap. I glance at his arm. Commander. "Sgt..."
"Yeah that's me" I reply. "And you are?"
"Cmdr. R. Thorn. We need you." He had an tone of urgency in his voice.
"Sgt. With all due respect..."
"With all due respect, Cmdr. I would like you to leave my property!" Now a small amount of anger was building up.
"We need you. You're one of the best men left!"
"I'm one of 306 survivors from..."
"Yes, we are aware of your history"
"Yeah and how many of those 306 are still alive?" My tone was loud, the recruits in the turned their heads towards our argument.
His voice now was very quiet and he started to mumble. "4"
His voice returned to normal. "4"
"And how many of the 306 returned to the army?"
"Everyone but you."
"Well I want it to stay that way! Ok. Now please may you and the lambs now leave my property, so I can go to work!" Oops. I'm fucked! Now one of the 'lambs' jumps out of the 4x4 with such swagger and spunk that he looked liked a General. He was young, with dark hazelnut hair, fair skin and teal eyes. Named George and lived with his 'girl'. He acted like a hard nut even though he once pussied out of a boxing match.
"Fuck you" he bellows. He sounds like a General as well. "You don't know that!"
"I do, I was in the army 16 years. I know the weaklings!" Again the others turn towards my conversation.
"You don't know me!" Again shouting even though his vice had a hint of fear.
"I don't, no. But I didn't wuss out of a boxing match!" The recruits all sensed a fight coming along.
"That was six years ago, I was only 17. And my opponent was 24."
"That was total bullshit. I was there. Under 19s fight to become a pro. Down in Chicago."
"Oh that fight"
"What there were others? You wimped out of more than one fight! Ha ha." Oops. A sarcastic laugh. That'll piss him off! Now his face was red. A mix of embarrassment, anger and pain. His brow was dripping with sweat.
"Do you want to go? Think you can take me on?" He wants to fight.
"I don't want to fight you!"
"Oh, you do" Now his hands were clenched into boulder-shapes. His face now as red as a clown's red nose. He lifts his arm. Oh shit. He swings. I duck. I kick. He falls. See weak. I knew it.

"Now, do you want THIS with you?" Whilst pointing at the fallen lamb.
"No, but he wants to."
Thorn picks the downed troop and helps him into the 4x4.
"Good bye, Cmdr. I will see you again, but I will not be returning to the United States Army. Good day but I need to get to work."
"Good bye, Sgt." He salutes and climbs back into his chariot.

5th May 2020
Death Toll- 45,006
A delightful voice calls over my fence. Her blond hair all messy in a bun, a few wrinkles, mainly stress lines, and her beautiful blue eyes. Like blue pools.
"Sharon, hey. How are you?"
"Good thanks."
"And the kids?"
"I was thinking of heading to Chicago. And maybe you want to come?"
"NO!" She wasn't pleased. "It'll be safer here!"
"It won't!"
Her face was gobsmacked. She was puzzled and scared and really really fearing the worst.
"I hacked into the Chinese Army System! Their coming this way!"
"Shit! We have to get going. I'll get the kids."

Sharon has 2 boys and a girl. They are full of energy, smart but have no clue on what damage this war was taking on our country. I feel for her and them, but not in that way. We have to go. I rush into my house, throw a few things into my suitcase and rush back out again. I open the trunk and fling my case in. The kids run out, carrying little cases. Little Mia, only 5, first then the boys James, 9, and Aron, 11. Their mum behind them with the biggest case, hair all frayed.
"All ready then?" I ask
"Yeah." Replies Sharon, just arriving.

After helping the children into the car, We hop into the car. "Let's go." And then we're off.

7th May 2020
Death Toll-167,708
Okay, so I was right. The Chinese invaded the Eastern seaboard in the early hours of Yesterday. So Chicago is off the radar. So next is Denver. The kids have been fucking pains. 'Are we there yet?' It keeps reverberating in my mind. Good thing the little ones are asleep. I don't know how she does it. The road has been cruel to us. Hardly any service stations. Stealing gasoline and food. Military checkpoints going into each state. The country is under lockdown. All the news we get is from either the radio or the checkpoints. The biggest rumour is that bastard the runs the country is dead. Brilliant, that wanker won't be ruining this land again. The sun is only rising and 588 miles to go.

Almost midnight and 6 miles left. Pah. I'm shattered. Driving all day. All night. But I want this family to be save before I stop. Before I give up. 5 miles left. I'm driving at 60mph, breaking the speed limit. But that doesn't matter. Oops. My speed has woken her up.
"Wakey, wakey Sharon."
Her movements were robotic, as she wasn't in the most comfortable of places.
"Fuck off! Did you wake me up?"
"No shit, Sherlock"
"Where are we going? We should be in Chicago by now."
"We can't. They invaded, so it's really unsafe."
"Fuck! How serious?"
"Well it's more capture than mass murder to be honest but over another 120,000."
"Ssshhh!" Trying to keep my voice down. "You'll wake the kids!"
"Oh. Ok, that's a big number!" Her voice was very quiet.
"But it could get bigger!" I said optimistically. "2 miles left"
"To where?"
"Fuck! Turn around."
"Just do it!"
1 mile left.
"No turning back. Just moving forward."
"Ok then." Then there was just silence. 5 minutes to go til midnight.
"Why?" I quietly enquire.
"Why did you want to go back?"
"I'm from Denver, I think my parents still live here. I moved to Gothenburg, with HIM." Tears were falling down her face. She was talking about her Ex.

Sharon married Zane in a whirlwind romance. Over time, the relationship turned abusive. She was tormented. She was beat. She was in hell. The kids were in pain but not as much as her. He is somewhere in jail. I moved into my 'old' house just after she moved into hers. We are just friends nothing else. Looking out for each other.

8th May 2020
Death toll-172,984
As we pull the car up to barrier that protect the city of Denver, I'm starting to regret this. Here we go. A small, squat man with beady eyes maned them. His name tag was dirty, but I could clearly make out his name was Wes. He was wearing a mucky polo, with huge giant sweat patches. The booth he was in was the most disgusting I have ever seen. Mucky windows, the side door on its hinges and I could visibly see the broken stool that the little man was on. "Hello, how may I help you?" His voice was very chilling and he sounded like a ghost. "Can we get in? To the city?" I politely asked.
"How many are they of you?"
"5, 2 adults and 3 children."
"Sorry, but there is hardly any space left for a party of 5."
Rage filled up inside me. My temper was rising."Right you little bastard, let us in or I'll shoot."
"With what?"
I pulled out a .44 pistol from my pocket and held it against his chest. I could see the fear on his face. It was either death or disobedience. His brow was dripping sweat. His face trembling. He was generally scared.
"Go right in"
"Thank you, Wes." His face was still trembling. And I put the gun upon the little desk. "Just in case."
"Thank you, sir. Good day to you."

The gates were makeshift, built within a matter of days. Made to protect the citizens of Denver. Well driving through crowds of people, cars and buses was hard and after waking up the children, we ditched the car in Glendale. The kids were shattered and she was finally back home. A home of bad memories. "Are you ok?" I softly asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Small tears were forming around her eyes.
"Where did you live?"
"Near Louisville."
"You won't see them here. I promise."
After helping the kids out of the car, we started making haste for the city centre. After walking only 10 minutes, I felt a tugging on my trousers. "I'm tired" Mia in a pink frock with little pink bows in her long black hair.
"Do you want to be carried?"
"Don't let her do that!" Said her mother sternly.
"She is slowing us down! It's the only option!" I clearly made my point. "Come on get up."

With Mia now on my back, we made great time and at 4:08 am we made the city centre. The crowd was immensely dangerous with the amount of people in it. The boys kept hold of their mother and Mia kept hold of me. Now this was a weird way of making sure she was there, but Sharon's beaming blond locks led the way. Guiding us like an angel, through the crowd. Huge screens stood in park which came up with news updates every 10-15 minutes. Almost everyone wanted to make calls to loved ones but the phone lines where down. Even my connection via a hacked satellite still didn't work.

Now after waiting a good 2 hours on our feet, people started to sit down but that was short lived. Suddenly the boards started flashing with news even quicker than it was. The new death toll being 1,945,238. That went up quick but now this is when every one dies.
More news stating that the Chinese have left. Joy was spreading around the park.One couple, both in their 80s, were so happy they started a sing along but again it would short lived. Then news on 2 million Americans have been taken as prisoners. As soon as that was heard people started standing and praying for them. And then news of a bomb heading its way for Chicago, the very place we were heading. Just then people started panicking. And screaming. And crying. For this was no normal bomb, it was a nuke. A J6. The one that will destroy all of America.

China took the Russian base for that bomb and that bomb alone. I knew it would happen. I was waiting for it. They couldn't just kill most of their troops. Or their slaves. Our forces were being stubborn. They couldn't get past us. Nor could we the Chinese. So death was soon. We would all die. But that couldn't happen. Not everyone would die. The pond started trembling. An earthquake perhaps? Little crescent waves started forming. They grew larger. And then a tunnel started forming out of the lagoon. And then a little bridge. So this was our escape. Loudspeakers were bellowing about the rescue. People were both scared and joyous of what would happen. "PLEASE REMAIN CALM!" They screeched . "PLEASE MAY YOU START MAKING YOUR WAY THE TUNNEL! PLEASE STAY WITH YOUR FAMILIES! YOU WILL ALL GET IN!" We all stuck together. Again I used Sharon's Long Blond hair as a guide, a beacon of hope. Every minute used was one minute that bomb could reach its target.

We started running. It was hard with little Mia on my back but we needed safety. Almost at the start of the tunnel. I know the bomb would kill us all if we didn't get in. 6 people were in front of us to the entrance to the tunnel. It had a metallic grey colour to it and looked daunting and futuristic. Fear was on Sharon's and the kids faces and honestly, I was as scared as the kids. Finally it was us. "Go go go" shouted two uniformed soldiers in at least their early forties. Their hair was dark but greying and was covered by a blue helmet which had a orange visor. They wore padded blue uniform, which had a white trim. But as we hopped in, the door slammed shut and the tunnel sank into the ground.

Running down the tunnel was tiring but at least Mia was off my back, that really hurt. And a big concrete maze was opened up under the Denver sewer system. We were shown into a room with black paneling up the walls but the celing and floor were bare. A woman at the front told us all the information what happen and what has happened up top. The nuke had killed most of the population. The Chinese have been ruthless. Killing everyone. They don't care. We have been extremely lucky. We get to live. Only people from the western and central parts have been saved. The east have either been killed or captured. We are then directed into other smaller rooms. First was a decontamination room, we were separated into males and females for this. Going through a series of showers, which were at full power and full temperature. That sort of hurt. Next clothing. Medical robes, in a crystal white. It was light, airy. But I felt naked and exposed. Finally the cryogenic room. Like a subway. 3 floors of these carts, sun bed-like cryogenic tanks, towered above us. Black metal railing showed you the extent of this operation. The beds were a medical white, pristine no dints or scratches. A blue light emitted from them when the opened and that light filled the dark, dreary room with colour.Again we wait in line. This is starting to get boring, even though this will save our country. The lady in front of me was the one singing in the park. But she wasn't happy. Her previously joyous self, now looked old and withering. Tears streaming from her eyes in huge puddles. And as I look to her side... No husband to comfort her. She was sobbing so much she forgot about the line. But a woman with luscious strawberry red hair quickly ushered her along.

Now it was my turn. Sharon's golden locks were nowhere to be seen. The kids should've been next to her. But they maybe somewhere else, on another level perhaps. An instructor told us on the procedure. She had very thin lips, her course brown hair in bunches. She kept herself hidden under a mask of makeup, in my terms she didn't need it. She wore a white lab coat, so defiantly a lab technician. Her voice was quite assertive but kept putting unneeded emphasis on random word , as she tried to inform me on what would happen. "Ok... You are about to 'hibernate' in this chamber."
"For how long?"
"I don't know, until the surface is free from nuclear radiation. Just go it'll save you waiting years." I reluctantly climbed in the bed. Which the interior of it was a translucent aqua foam material with lights at the bottom, that created the blue illuminations. I looked like I was sleeping in water but then it started moving. Oh shit. It felt horrible. This mushy foam wobbled me about the claustrophobic tomb. It was quite scary, but the kids must be shitting themselves. Then it was cold and I drifted away.

Death toll- 307,401,920 est.
Saved- 19,982,049

Finished last night. One dilemma is that- Should it be set in San Francisco or New York?
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A little confused about where the speed of the car wakes up Sharon, but then she is woken up by our unnamed hero on the next line.
And why is the inside of his house a tip when his lawn outside it is immaculate?

But in saying that, it has me hooked. Can't wait to see where this is going.

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