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I have been assigned to create a menu for my cooking class. This is of paramount importance because I can get either and "A" or an "F". Please help me edit it a little.

Tell me if it is too expensive, cheap, fatty, etc. Tell me what meal it is to. Our menu has no real restrictions, it can be any type of cuisine and things like that. Thanks for your help! :cat:

ALL suggestions welcome!
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=^.^= Appetizers =^.^=​

Stew and Bread
A sensual stew with a hypnotic aroma. THe bread is freshly baked and served to you warm and toasty.

We serve you our freshest escargot with a white wine and butter sauce.

French Onion Soup
We serve you our warm, french onion soup with all the toppings you could ever want on our soup!​
=^.^= Entrees =^.^=

Salmon Steaks
Our salmon steaks with a mustard-parsley butter.

Top Sirloin Steak
A top sirloin steak, marinated in garlic and rubbed with pepper and our secret salts.

Trout Filet
A trout filet with butter, garlic, white wine and pepper.

Lobster Supreme
Our famous lobster, cooked with a hint of white wine and lemons. Served to you with a pat of butter and several lemon wedges.

Shabu Shabu
A tradtional Japanese dish. We serve you thinly cut strips of meat for yout to dip in boiling water and season as you desire.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed mushrooms with meat. Served on a bed of greens and a poof of mint.

Also add for a dollar...​

Ceasar Salad
Baked Potato
Garlic Mashed Potatos
Curly Fries​
=^.^= Dessert =^.^=

Cream Pie Slice
Our famous sweet cream pie, made today!

Haupia Pie Slice
Nobody can resist our haupia pie! It comes with a slight sprinkling of chocolate.

Fresh Cherry Pie Slice
Our freshly baked cherry pie, sweet and slightly tangy!​