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Mental Health and Creativity. (1 Viewer)


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I know there’s already a mental health thread but that oneis for support and I was hoping for a discussion. I suffer from multiple mental illnesses and it is becoming increasinglydetrimental. I know that I require psychotherapy and medication but there’s acatch. No matter who argues against it there is a proven correlation betweenmental illness and creativity. I started writing in the first place as a way to get the feelings out.Lately I’ve been dealing with suicidal thoughts and at the same time I’mwriting more than ever. It gets easier to do the thing I love when I feel liketotal crap. I feel like I’m in a lose/lose situation. If I’m able to improve mymental health I might be capable of living a happy life. But how happy a lifecan I live if I’m never able to write again? Then again, even if I find successin my writing would it be worth it if I’m still miserable for the rest of mylife? I feel like no matter what I do I’ll end up regretting it. There aretimes when all I want is to just be happy. To be able to make it through a daywithout wanting to cry. Then again, if the choice is between never writingagain and never smiling again I’ll gladly choose misery. Writing is one of thefew things that I truly can’t live without.



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My wife has FTD. She is still very insightful even though she can't remember what day it is.
I can't talk about her condition with her because she can't handle the reality of what she is experiencing.
I don't have anybody to discuss what we are going through and the dementia related forums are awful.
She's had thoughts of suicide but I live to walk with her through it to its conclusion.

When I see you bring suicide up, I want to tell you that we have a nephew that attempted suicide two years ago.
He is the only person who calls and talks to us for hours on end. He is the main light in her life socially.
I think it's because he knows pain like few others. If he had succeeded, I wouldn't know what I would have missed out on,
but it's the single greatest relationship we have presently. (I can't even tell him what we go through every day
because my wife is right there beside me and I can't leave her to have independent conversations.) It would take me hours to
get somebody to understand even the most basics of our relationship with mental illness.
You may never know your value, potential or impact on people's lives.

I'm willing to discuss. I'm an ideas guy.


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my city is going through a suicidal epidemic.....were changing from a welfare society and there just is not the community resources out there to fall back on....one health worker i know said peoples mental health is to personal for any real medical intervention and what will save them is themselves and we can only just manage to give them lift up..good luck


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Creativity is the "relief valve" most of us use to handle and defeat stress.
Aside from writing, many here have hobbies and interests. I think that even if you don't share the same pastimes, our world is broadened and better by talking about them.
I'm a sponge. I don't remember everything, but I enjoy listening to people.
IMHO, people that truly listen, and are "deep thinkers" are much more susceptible to mental health issues, especially depression. A curse, and a reality.
But we talk, and we share. It may often feel quite the opposite, but we are never truly alone.

bazz cargo

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Alone, creativity is not going to fix any mental health problems but it is important.

Nate, I'm sending you a good selection of positive vibes.
Good luck


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Exercise is a pretty key in managing it until you get on the right medicine. I don't receive psychotherapy anymore, but my situation is unique. Write for healing, and for occupational therapy, as we are slaves to entertainment and are misers when we feel bored. Or when life is melancholy, all we could need could be anything to extend life such as exercise, a hobby, socializing, depending on your personality and problems. What sort of personality you have is also important. I wish personality were analyzed more in psychiatric treatment. Anything mundane could be exciting. I was thinking of cooking some Asian food since they eat vegetables, and my medicine has a lot of side effects. That way I could have a second hobby. I think creativity is healthy, just find a balance. You cannot neglect your responsibilities with regards to health. Because they may need to switch medicines, and that is entirely up to you or if the treatment becomes ineffective. Then that means you'll take medicine that affects your health, and depression worsens anxiety and so forth.