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Memoir trajectory plan? (1 Viewer)

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I submitted three stories to a regional publisher who specializes in this type of material about growing up in a small coastal village in the 1950s with only water and air access.

He responded positively and now wants to see my whole 60,000 word manuscript.

My task now is to figure out how to present the story collection in a coherent order.

Chronological from the beginning I suppose?

Starting with "I was born at an early age" for example and going from there?

In some stories for example where I describe entering an abandoned house and looking at abandoned gas lamps, fishing gear and vintage magazines, I mention things about the owner that I did not know at the age of 12, but write what I learned later as an adult.

Do you think it is okay to interrupt the narrative like that, or should I stay in the mode of the innocent wonder of 12 year-old kid going through all these antique artifacts?
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I would be a fan of the interrupted narrative. I like it when, especially, memoirs/biographies use a structure more interesting than chronological by age. I'm not sure why, but I appreciate creative delivery in that genre more than any other...well except for maybe non-fiction. :)
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