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Meltaway (1 Viewer)


A Thorazine wasteland
Suburban sun - and
A sweaty palm
At two in the afternoon with your bathrobe on
Another cup of coffee?
Is that what you offer me?
The soft spot on your lips
A long, deep, tongue heavy kiss
It’s not ever forever
Yet we’ll bask in the weather
As a fat robin preens
A love so pure and a love so clean
Let’s stroll to the diner at dusk
Kick along a bottlecap with your sneaker untied if you must
To meltaway in this ecstasy
Is exactly what you do to me.


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This is a cool poem with a dark vibe, for me, it is what is not said that makes this so intriguing... I like that this poem reads tighter and polished, than your first poem [ which I really liked] ..very well thought out ... Thank you for sharing ;)