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Hello. I'm Boxtop.

I originally came here to ask of a request. You can read that post, "Interview", in the Lounge.

Anyway, one of my hobbies (or lack thereof) is writing, and I write only when I feel like I can come up with something good (otherwise, I pretty much suck at it.) When I do write, however, I tend to write absurdist humor, since I found randomness funny; my current story is about a pirate kid named Hardy who goes off on an adventure to stop some zombies from stealing the world's cheese.

I think I misused that semicolon.

Sometimes I also write fanfiction, but only when I'm trying to be funny. And on the off days that I do write non-funny fanfiction, I tend to create my own characters instead of using the stock ones. To me, it's kind of like using a template. Only...not.

I've also been taking a Creative Writing course at my community college, but it hasn't really helped me much.

(sudden gear change) This forum seems pretty active compared to the other writing forum I frequent, called Authors by Design. I hope I don't get axed.

- Boxtop

PS: The head in my avatar is a caricature of me, drawn by...well...me.

PPS: The topic is called "Meh" because that's my attitude to most things in life, aside from "GRRR" and "WHY ME". Also it's because I can't change the topic title.

PPPS: Also, since I like random humor, I tend to try and be funny and light-hearted, but then most people will find me annoying. If you find me annoying, please tell me so I know I should act normal.
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