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Meeting with a Producer (1 Viewer)



Hello. I'm a bit new to this so go easy on me if I'm posting this query in the wrong spot. I need some help...

I have a meeting with a Producer in the next few weeks, to discuss a
proposal for an episodic animation series that I've pitched to him (script,
bible, et cetera). Trouble is, I'm new to this--I've never been published,
I have no credentials, I know nothing about this industry. What should I expect from said meeting? What will happen next? Will the Producer hire me? Do I need an agent? Any pros out there with some solid advice?
Presumably this is a opportunity for both of you to get common footing so be open to ideas. Don't be shy about discussing how your vision of development works, though be flexible. At the end of the day, you have to work together to make this project as good as can be.

Just be enthused, take along some notes about the project (ideas you have had in the meantime) and some blank paper and a pen. Be prepared to compromise but not to be walked over.

Above all, present yourself in a good light. Discuss money, rights etc., and be professional.

Pitching is a good exercise. You can prepare by pitching to people you know, and having them come up with awkward questions. This way, your vision will be solid and your demeanour will be unlucky to be thrown so easily.