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Hi. Er,... The room seems to be empty at the moment. I'll just go try to find somebody...

If someone shows up, please tell them that I think I missed an eleven-thirty appointment but I might be in the wrong office?


Oh, and also, Where would a guy go to discuss publishers and agents and proposals and things of that general nature?

Right, I'll see if I can go find somebody.

Love the green trim.

Hope I meet a lot of neat people out in the halls or wherever.



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Ah! Hello Shinn. I see you are a prolific writer. I browsed a bit around the various forums here and even commented on an essay! Talk about hitting the ground running. Sheesh.

Anyway, do you know of any good resources for researching publishers of popular nonfiction, what books they published, etc. and whether an agent is a good idea right straight off the bat?

I've got a proposal for a pretty good book that I think has market potential and a reasonable draft of the first 3 chapters (as well as the outline for the rest) so I figured on striking the snake while it's hot or how that goes and putting together a rock solid proposal complete with who is the market, why they will buy it, how I can help promote the book, and a cigar for the publisher who accepts.

What should I do next?


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Well, if i was you, i'd probably go to the Writers' Resources forum, and post something like that there. The other members might be able to help.

Hope it helps you on your way, BWE.


WF Veterans
Hello there, BWE, and welcome to Writing Forums! A thing you can check out is the Preditors and Editors site. They offer good advice on who's reliable and who's not.




You did indeed miss the appointment. What do you have to say for yourself?

Oh nevermind about the appointment...just wander in to WF whenever you like. You're always welcome!



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Well, I know you must feel annoyed or even angry but I promise to make it up to you. I've been wandering. In a desperate attempt to prove my worth and win back your favor I posted some editing comments in the nonfiction forum and started a whole new thread in the writers' resources forum.

Unfortunately punctuality as a behavior pattern, like so many things, exhibits a bell curve across the species. You can find me on the far left hand side. Of course, you'll probably have to wait for me a bit.