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Me and My Readers (1 Viewer)


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Me and my readers
Are like mother and the foetus
Connected by umbilical cord of telepathic imagination
As inside the womb
The mother never meets the foetus
But they both are connected like eternity

My readers are like that
I pour my fantasy into their jugs
Some call it water, some call it milk
Some call it wine, some call it juice
And after getting a dip inside their feel
I call it satisfaction... for the thirst

My readers are my wonders
After a desperate struggle inside, for the time of wait
I am mesmerised by their perception of my creation

Ocean of delight I feel
By their distinct version
The bond of trust we share
That they never ask my view
On my creation
And I always ask them to state their's

I just can't tell the way I feel jealous
That my creation and my readers actually love each other
And I am just a passage for their exchange

Fact is!!!!
Sometimes I feel
I am the reader and they are the writer
Giving finishing touch to my creation
To make me feel as
Picaso painted it
Aristotle philosophically dealt it
And the baby pierced the nipple itself to suck the milk
Which was otherwise just the blood, like the blood inside the other veins

Wish, let the relation always stay as innocent like that
The freshness and curiosity
To stay inside their heart
Inside my heart

Ritu Dimri Nautiyal
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Staff member
Damn! this is eloquently stated- this is a profound manifesto between the relationship of reader and writer. This is beyond excellent- The greatest compliment I can give is that I wish I wrote this-