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Maturation (1 Viewer)

S.M. grimbldoo

Senior Member
Neither fireworks nor bells
There was no big shebang
Just the second hand running circles
As I hung out with the gang

My wallet didn’t burst with cash
Wisdom didn’t rush into my brain
Just the minute hand keeping pace
Everything was still the same

No hair erupted from my chest
Nothing more grew from my face
Just the hour hand, seemingly still
As my childhood finished the race

But that’s where the fun lies
Where adventure makes its nest
Time just does what time always does
It is up to me to do all the rest


Poetry Mentor
Staff member
Senior Mentor
Sam!! I adore this unpretentious ,honest poem! 3rd stanza --last line, kind of broke my heart, I guess you are growing up... So wonderful to read your work, and to peek into that intriguing mind and enjoy your charming wit. Well done. Peace...Jul