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Matthew Reilly (1 Viewer)

Well I guess this is the kind of author who people either love or hate, his skills are somewhat limited in the writing department however he manages to give a story energy unlike any other author I know.
I think in that way he has earned himself the title of 'Master Storyteller' because he serves the short attention span of the majority of the modern audience.
I mean master storyteller isn't a phrase I would throw out there often, the scale from good to bad is enormous. And it's not the same as saying he is a master storyteller like Stephen King because they are both good at two completely different things; but that is why he is a master.
What do you think?


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What do you think?
I think he's appalling. He has no real grasp of how to actually write, as regards punctuation, and can't add any character to his characters. As it is, his books are the sort of thing teenage boys who like sweaty man toting guns might read, but nobody else.

His notion of his books having any sort of worth is risible and he is exceptionally bitter about not getting the credit he feels he deserves. His ignorance of what actually constitutes literature is pathetic. In this thread there's a discussion on Matthew Reilly, which is rather fun.