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Mary's Witch Part Of My Scene 1 (1 Viewer)


Mary - Mother! Mother! Come quickly! She's doing it agian! Oh, where are you?

(Mary's mother walks onto the stage which is empty and only the apron is visible; Mary's mother has the appearence of a woman who loves her plastic surgery and has had way too many Botox injections; she is dressed very fashionably and is carrying several large shopping bags;)

Mother - Sweety, mommy's back from her Botox injection, and I've got a surprise for you! Mary?

Mary - (running up to her mother) Oh mother! Thank goodness you're home!

Mother - My goodness Mary. What's wrong?

Mary - It's Martha!

Mother - Oh dear. The poor thing hasn't set her house on fire agian has she? I warned her about baking and napping at the same time. Come along sweety. We must call the fire department at once.

Mary - No no no! You don't understand! Her house isn't on fire!

Mother - Oh. Wait, you mean our house is on fire? What about my face cream?

Mary - No! No one's house is on fire!

Mother - Then what are you screaming about?

Mary - I told you! It's Martha! She's going again!

Mother - Out? Out where sweety? She certainly can't go far before she winds down.

Mary - The woods! She's going to the woods! Just like yesterday. And the day before that, and the day before that, and for who knows howl ong before that! Since the dawn of time maybe!

Mother - Mary please. You being histerical. Now, how do you know all this?

Mary - I've been watching her through these binoculars.

(she pulls out a large pair of binoculars from under her cloak)

Mother - You mean you've been spying on the neighbors?

Mary - She's up to something mother! Something's not right.

Mother - No it's not. When a daughter greets her poor, old, decrepit mother, who's been hard at work all day long selling hair care solutions to underprivelliged home schoolers door to door, with ghost stories of the neighbors, something is terribly wrong!

Mary - I never said she was a ghost.

Mother - That's right. You didn't.

Mary - She's a witch!

Mother - Ughh! Mary!

Mary - She is! I've been studying her for the past several days and......

Mother - Studying her? Honestly Mary! Studying her? Do you not have any idea how paranoid you sound?

Mary - But mother!

Mother - I don't want to hear it. Martha is not now, nor has she ever been, nor ever will she be, a witch. Now, later this year she might manage to win the state gingerbread championship and claim the title of Mrs. Gingerbread U.S.A. but that does not include casting spells on innocent little girls! If anything she'll call the police with reports of an invasion of privacy! You probably haven't even noticed what mommy picked up for you at the department store on her way home from work have you?

Mary - What did oyu get?

Mother - I don't know. After the way you just mistreated me, I have to wonder if you're deserving of such rewards.

Mary - I'm sorry for spying on Martha.

Mother - What was that?

Mary - I said I'm sorry for spying on Martha.

Mother - And?

Mary - And it'll never happen again.

Mother - And?

Mary - What?

(Mary's mother pretends to pat her face with blush)

And you're lookking radiant tonight mother. Radiant.

Mother - Yes. I know. Now, close your eyes. Come on. Close your eyes.

(Mary closes her eyes; her mother pulls out a dress from one of the shopping bags, the exact replica of what she is wearing herself)

All right. You can open your eyes now. Ta da! What do you think?

(Mary is dumbfounded)

Mary - Well I......

Mother - You don't like it!

(she bursts into tears)

Mary - No no! It's not that! I...... I...... I think it's a very...... interesting out fit. I just don't think it's me.

Mother - (suddenly fine agian) Well of course it's not you Mary. You expect me to find you where I shop? Tihs came from Blufingdales's sweety. Not the Main Street Thrift Store.

Mary - Oh but I like the Main Street Thrift Store.

Mother - But why? No one shops there.

Mary - I know. That's why it's great. Everything I get there is completley original.

Mother - But Mary, this is what all the other girls are wearing.

Mary - Yes, but I'm not like other girls.

Mother - I know sweety. That is why we must make you like them. I see a complete renovation! Hair, make up, eyes, everything! Starting with a new outfit. Oh what the hell! A entire wardrobe! But Bluffingdale's closes at four on weekdays, so hurry up and try this on so I can go back and but more!

Mary - Can't it wait until after dinner?

Mother - You don't love me!

(she bursts out into tears again)

Mary - Yes I do! I just don't love your dress. I......

(she looks out at the audience)

She's gone. She's gone! Mother! She's gone!

(Mary takes the binocluars and stares out at the audience, as if staring across the street, in histerics about Martha whiel at the same time her mother whines about the dress and other petty little problems, their ad-libbing overlapping until finally Mary turns to her mother and shouts;)

That's it. I'm going to look for Martha.

Mother - (snapping out of her fit) Oh no you're not little muissy. OYu are staying right here.

Mary - But mother! What about Mary? She's doing something out there mother! She's doing something! There's something happening in the woods, and I have the evidence t prove it!

(she pulls out a newspaper clipping)

Look. Three kidnappings in the past week. All of them innocent children. All of the missing! Which only leads to one tihng! Martha is a witch!

Mother - Which leads to one thing. Mary is insane! You know you really could help me out here by being a little more cooperative. You're never going to achieve propper social status unti lyou lay to rest all these crazy theories...... and schedule meetings with the proper plastic surgeons, but they're all on speed dial, so there's nothing to worry aobut there.

Mary - Mother please. Let me go out in search of her. Just for a little. If I don't find her soon, which I will, I'll turn right back. Please.

Mother - I'm sorry Mary, but I simply can not allow it. Look, it's getting dark. I'm going to make a quick trip back to Bluffingdale's to exchange this dress for something a little...... less glitzy if you absolutly refuse to wear it. perhaps I should start you out on something more basic first, like a nice leather handbag instead of that hideous basket you're always carrying around with you. And when I get back oyu better be here unless an emergency happens, and trust me, it won't. Honestly. Martha a witch. Hm!

(she walks off)

Mary - Something more basic. Hm! What does she think I am? A doll she can jsut dress up and carry around with her? One day she's going to play with me too much and I'm going to brake. Then she'll see. They'll all see.

(Hansel, Grettle, and Tracey walk on)

Grettle - Oh look. Mary's talking to her imaginary friend again. I suppoe it would be ruse to disturb her.

Tracey - I suppose.

Grettle - On the other hand, what Mary can't see can't talk to her.

Mary - Then Grettle shouldn't speak at all because she's blind as a bat.

Grettle - What's that supposed to mean?

Tracey - Yeah, what's that supposed to mean?

Mary - Only that ou think you know everything, but if you were to actually open your eyes, you'd stumble everywhere you go in the light. You're so used to wlaking in the dark.

Grettle - What's that mean?

Tracey - Yeah. What's that mean?

(Grettle gives Tracey an annoyed look)


Hansel - It's symbolic.


Senior Member
aside from many spelling goofs, this needs to be properly formatted... is it meant for the stage or is it supposed to be a screenplay?... you can email me for a format guide and help with formatting, if you want...

love and hugs, maia
[email protected]