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Margeret Weis and Tracy Hickman - The Death Gate Cycle (1 Viewer)


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One of my favourite collections. Anyone else read this before? I really like the approach to magic, as opposed to most other books.


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I read these years ago and loved them, I still reread them now.

I liked the magic part aswell, the mystery around the magic of the two demi-God races. Albert I just loved as a character.

I always wanted to be one of the elves who kept the souls. Simplistic yet so vivid.

They made the right things normal, and the right things magic. It didn't ever seem silly or ridiculous. Necromancy, now the description of the living dead in these books really did give me the creeps.


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I love Albert too :D

And somehow the names Sartan and Patryn sound so cool.

I especially liked the dwarves in Dragon Wing. Gegs...


I adored Haplo. It's not a real classical hero (he isn't sensitive enough for that) but he does have the heroic feeling for saving the weaker ...
I've never been more committed to a character in a book than to him.

And Albert was a cool character too. I find Weis and Hickman have many cool characters in all their books. Their dialogues are very good too, don't you think? They can be really funny and always fluently.

Did you read 'The rose of the Prophet' and 'The darksword trilogy'?