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March 23, 2007 School Day (1 Viewer)



March 23, 2007
I'm starting this new thing where whenever I write twice about something that happened
on the same day, I'm going to call it "Hidden Memories of..."
I'm really ticked off because our dumb teacher Mrs. Reynolds is doing some binomials on
the board, talking about Mr. Pizza face and all this other crap that's just getting me
mad. I don't know anything in this class. We're even going to take a test on binomials
in about...right...now. Ugh! I'm just going to be one of those low-lifes with the big
mustaches with torn clothes and a beat up car, living in a damn apartment working
minimum wage. ...You know what...i'm going to make another account on writingforums.com
to try to become a better writer and actually finish a story. That way if I never learn
this crap...I won't have to care anymore. I'll be raking in all the money and tossing
the pennies at those idiots who always failed to teach me anything. Such a fair transition
from my crappy position of today.
What Adrian told me two days ago and what he has been telling me for the whole of the
freshman year is utterly, sadly, true. Mr.s Reynolds just can't keep her class under
control. The class is always noisy, everyone has there cell phones out when they're not
supposed to (occasionaly including myself,) and she just sucks at arguing with the
students whenever they talk back. Her comebacks are just really lame and stupid. I guess
another reason why I want to be a teacher is so that I can straighten everybody out so
that the students in my classroom wouldn't have to put up with some of the crap that I do.
There have also been too many times where i'm raising my hand and the teacher sees me but
gets called on by this other moron who didn't even raise his/her hand, and half the time,
doesn't even care. Even the NPC town citizens from Animal Crossing pay more attention to
me than she does (especially that dumb weasle who wants me to buy his insurance.) And so
after noticing how bad a teacher Mrs. Reynolds can be...I guess I would have to admit that
even though Mr. Rizo would always annoy the hell out of me in my Algebra Intervention
class, he truly is the better teacher. I'm sure that Adrian would agree with me on that.
She's over something else right now and I was trying to listen to it for a while...but i'm
not catching on. Having been through this type of situation before, I just know that i'm
not going to catch on for a while too. I want to learn this so that I don't let Heather
down, I really do...but I just can't.
I hope someone tries to fart in this classroom as we walk out the door (hopefully they're
behind me when they do it) so that Mrs. Reynolds gets trapped with a fart floating around
all day since she never opens the damn door. She's probably going to suffocate if it's
Yasbet...but I don't really care.
Hahaha...someone got in trouble for playing hangman just now. That goes to show how
stupid and boring this class really is. I'm not the only one who doesn't get this work...
that's why I say that she's a bad teacher. She's telling us right now how "we're going to
play a math game" or something. I just imagine her trying to beat up Yasbet with the
punch-punch-kick combo from Metal Gear Solid 3. Lmao. Imagine we were taking a test and
someone tries to sneak around and she says "WHO'S THAT!?" (like the guards do in MGS3) and
starts shooting the student with an AK-47 until they run (while taking damage) and sit
down on their desk until the test is over. She runs out of ammo and starts using the
For some reason that reminds me of when that guy in Animal Crossing was helping me chop
down my trees. Instead of telling him "okay, cut this one down" or "cut that other one",
I would just hit the tree with the end of my shovel and he would whack it down for me. He
called me crazy because I didn't want a lot of them but I responded by saying that it was
so I could plant some fruit trees. I also told him that they would "piss me off" because
they got in my way whenever I tried to go somewhere (just to make him laugh.) I found a
space station in one of the trees (I know...wtf...) so I put it in my pocket so I could
show it/give it to Heather later on. I also found 100 bells in three seperate trees and I
pocketed it along with the 20,000 that the guy gave me to help pay off the mortgage on my
house. I'm probably going to give about 10,000 to Heather so that she can try to pay off
her's too. But anyway...
(This is where I had to put this paper down so that I could do my Theatre Arts "painting"
presentation with Allen and...that other chick. We had to pick a famous painting and
so the exact pose that was in it. Allen was a very odd variation of baby Jesus, he was
laying down "dead" on the girl while moving around complaining that his back hurt while I
had my hand under his head looking concerned. Now we're doing something else where I guess
i'm going to be a demon and Allen an angel. ...Oh, I see. We're going to take out out cell
phones and pretend to be...playing a game with them? I thought...uh...whatever.
I'm pretty sad because i'm probably not going to see Heather until Monday since she's going
to south Arkansas for vacation. I'm not sure whether or not i'll be able to see her today
before she leaves, but i'll just assume that I can't (even though i'll still try) so that
I don't get my hopes up for nothing.
I feel like i'm looking forward to something but i'm not sure what about. There isn't
going to be much to do this weekend since my Sweetheart is going to be gone. I tried
playing Animal Crossing yesterday (because I made her a shirt) but for some reason her
wi-fi wouldn't work.
I remember yesterday than Juan, Steven, and I were cracking up in our AVID class because
we remembered about that Pokemon called "Wheezing" that looked like three floating
purple balls stuck together that said "Wheezing!" like an old man (cause you know how
Pokemon always say their name over and over instead of talking since it's so much more
convinient) whenever it emmitted it's black poisonous gas. What a dumb pokemon. It's
previous evolution was called "Coughing" so Steven was saying that the evolution after
"Wheezing" should be "dieing".
How boring...
I think i'll just spend the weekend doing odd jobs in AC:WW (I know whoever's reading this
is getting tired of me talking about Animal Crossing...because I am, as I type this written
paper onto the computer on March 25, 2007) so that i'll have enough to pay off Heather's
mortgage. I think she would really be happy if I did that instead of upgrading my dumb box
of a house. (March 25 2007 - I made a very selfish decision and upgraded my house two
times, and then bought another story. I'll try to make enough bells to upgrade her house
too though...hopefully.) I really love my babydoll.... I'll try to look for something
that's coffee or tea cup related too so I can give it to her. Yeah...now I have something
to look forward to. Doing all of these jobs for people, raking up the bells n' such.
(One hour later)
...Third period Spanish, huh. Hm...I always knew that Omar and I wouldn't be friends for
long. I thought about it and realized that if I had punched him at that moment when we
were arguing during lunch, we would have went at it for sure. I even told him "I know you
want to try to kick my ass Omar. You can see it in your eyes." and so I asked him why he
didn't just go for it and he told me that he wouldn't gain anything out of getting in
trouble. He had a point, too. That's actually the main reason why I don't fight anyone
that ticks me off. It doesn't really matter, though since I doubt we'll end up fighting
either way. Ughhh I want to play Animal Crossing! (SHUT UP ABOUT ANIMAL CROSSING. WHY DO
Geez...atleast this "blog" thing is almost over.) I just play it because of Heather. Yeah..
she's all I ever think about. Get over it. All I live for is so that I can be with that
one girl. I LOVE Heather. I am in love (IN LOVE) with Heather Marie Pippin.
...That's where I stopped writing and finally typed it two days later...


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Does this work have a point to it?

Is this a piece of work you're preparing for some purpose? It merely reads like a blog page and seems out of place on WF.

What is it you're trying to convey to the readers with this? What emotions are you hoping to elicit from them? Who is your target audience for this? You may wish to take a run at it with spelling and grammar check. Elipses have their place in writing, but used too frequently or inappropriately, even in a blog, they're a nuisance. It definitely needs construction help. You lost me before the end of the first full paragraph. I merely skimmed the rest quickly because it just sounds too disjointed, disassociative, and tiring, the ramblings of a teenager who's letting their emotions guide their pen rather than their thoughts.
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