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Manufactured world? (1 Viewer)


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In the music or film industry is talent really all that essential these days? Or is it just another pathetic beauty contest?

Let’s face it manufactured bands and stars are a hot topic at the moment. These new “sensations” make a fast buck for the music bosses, in real terms a cool few million- makes you sick doesn’t it?

It is undoubtedly a big issue at the moment, manufactured artists that is, and quite rightly so, what with the influence of Pop Idol and Fame Academy. Ah yes, its all very well to give good singers a chance to sing a few songs and have their 15 minutes in the lime light however… do they deserve a million pound record deal at the end of it for having a good voice?

There are thousands of good singers out there (personally I hold myself in that category-in the shower that is), but what about the minority of over-looked artists, who write their own songs, compose their own music, and learn to play various instruments. And the outcome of these artists incessantly harassing recording companies with endless tapes of them screeching and banging their tool kits? Probably nothing.

If the world was a fair place these people would be stars due to the effort they put in alone. What really annoys me about these TV shows’ pop stars is that they have all this fame handed to them on a (gold encrusted) plate, (accompanied with a silver spoon) and then when the media attention arrives and the criticism kicks in, they expect shielded in a protective bubble and also to be taken seriously as a credible artist. However when somebody else writes their songs and their music is made by a synthesiser, how can they be? All they really did was enter a competition, and this is what is wrong today. Ask a child what they want to become when they are older, guaranteed 9 out of 10 will say “famous” ask them what for and they’ll reply “oh I dunno, anything”.

Nowadays, people expect something for nothing; it’s the culture in which we live today, which has derived from reality shows like this. I noticed this while watching Pop Idol last Saturday (yes I am sad, but it’s as good as Saturday entertainment on council TV gets). There was this one guy I remember Tarek, I think his name was. Tall, dark and not particularly handsome, however I’m sure he’d beg to differ. He came up in front of the judges Foxy, Pete, Simon and that blonde one who thinks she’s somebody and she’s not really, because before Pop idol nobody had heard of her! Anyway I can never remember her name. But as he came on stage you could tell he had this arrogant presence about him, as he strode on in a white shirt, dirty designer jeans and bizarre red trainers. As he opened his mouth he began singing “Uptown girl” it sounded terrible. The notes were everywhere. The words were wrong. If he wasn’t such an arrogant pratt, you would have felt sorry for him! He was obviously one of those people walking through London that day and saw “Pop Idol auditions” and thought I’ll give that a bash with no real consideration to the fact that he blatantly couldn’t sing. Well I cringed as he sand I couldn’t wait to hear the judges crucify him. Well needless to say they certainly slated him. Especially the blonde one when he interrupted her- oh she really got on her high horse- very amusing! As if it wasn’t enough that they had already ripped him and told him he was rubbish he proceeded to ask “why?” now to me that would be like having salt rubbed in your wounds. He was a lamb to the slaughter, naturally he was told by Simon “Because you are terrible and you cannot sing” You could almost feel Simon’s disgust in his breaths of air, it was a though he couldn’t even be bothered speaking to him as he was quite clearly wasting his time. Did this lunatic actually think he could sing? And if he wasn’t sure, who the hell told him that he could? His friends, family? For a laugh yes. And this is my point; hundreds of people who auditioned asked why they were bad. In my opinion they were trying to copy the eloquence and articulation of Will Young when he answered Simon back. However these copy cats are mere clones, when Will Young did that he did it with poise as a gentleman and Simon even acknowledged that. But these ones that are trying to imitate him really are making themselves look silly. Half of them expected to go up there, sing a wee song pretty averagely and then expect to be famous. If you ask me, they have a damn cheek.


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This is more work in your conversational, opinion-piece style. :D

I agree with the sentiments you put forward, and a lot of what you've said really rings true with my own feelings. Too much of what's around today is not only manufactured, but feels manufactured. Designed, planned and distributed to reach the maximum number of people in the least thought-provoking way.

There's a real shift towards the idea that everyone can get their 15 minutes of fame, or at least a 30-second spot on national television.

Personally, I try to avoid shows like Pop Idol, or it's American equivalent, simply for the fact that they epitomize the ideal that if you hand anyone with a voice a song, and some backup music, they can be "the next big thing" in the industry. More cookie-cutter trash that isn't more that a momentary fad.

Enough of my ranting. Enjoyable piece, topical, and interesting.