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mandates vs bans vs actual freedom (1 Viewer)


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have you ever have someone fight for your right to do something in a way tat straight-up takes away your right to not do it.... all the while claiming... "that you have the right... don't let them win...." I will not mention who but I swear they are in my family. every now and then I will purchase a piece of art I like but am unwilling to hang on my wall. they will argue that I have the right to hangit... so I should... we go back and forth... I even tell them they can hang it on their wall but they just argue with me for awhile.. not that we have done this but I mos definetly am tired of being mandated to use freedoms.. they still think i am letting "them" win. in which they mean a certain political party... even when I point out that no one other than he is getting onto me... he just goes to.. "stop worrying about what others think..." any opinions on this. I just stay silent now because they've done got their opinion set in stone and in the past have said I should say something that i will not go into here. I was wondering if anybody else thought that trying to aggressively force someone to do act, display, or say something when they don't want to while arguing that you should use your first amendment right.. is the opposite of freedom uself.

P.s. sorry for the long sentence at the end but I don't know how to post this other wise. they are being passive aggressively and trying to sway me to their side.. I really feel they just want me to bea mini version of them and i frustrates me.