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Malencontre by Guy Chantepleure (1 Viewer)


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One of the best novels I have read. A classic very few know apparently. It is a variation of Jane Eyre and Rebecca. Published after Eyre but before Rebecca. It is the story of a young girl who finds a job as a mistress to old Mrs Malencontre at her castle in France. She travels with a mini statue called Lil made by her dead father. The story mode is as a diary she writes to her imaginary friend Lil. In the Malencontre castle she deals with all the mysteries behind Malencontre's doomed faith. She falls in love with troubles Patrick of Malencontre who thinks he is the cause of both his wife and soon to be wife to die unexpectedly. Im not giving spoilers. Has anyone read this? It is a gothic story worth reading. It is also known as Lil, Eyes color of Desire.