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Lunar Park review (1 Viewer)


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Lunar Park

Book review

[FONT=&quot]Well I have finished Lunar Park and I now know what a Terby is and more about the author than I expected to be exposed to although how much is autobiography and how much is fiction is unclear and even though I was touched by the words on the final page I found the horror elements cliché and sub-King(and that for a detractor of King is poor) yet despite that there was enough humour and humanity to pull me through and the horror was more metaphorical and I have been a fan of Ellis for whatever reason and this move away from stream of consciousness seems to be continuing from Glamorama even though characters like Clayton make a return so if you haven’t read the earlier books you will be confused about this but on the whole it works and even in places manages to almost create tension I never experienced in the other earlier books though if you are not an Ellis fan the use of characters from previous books might confuse you and the autobiography might seem irrelevant.



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I read the first hundred pages, then put it away. I'll get into it later. I remember thinking that he should have just made it autobiographical, through and through, instead of jerking off with the supernatural shit. I found the first forty or so odd pages, about how he hit the big time, really really interesting. I'm a huge bee fan, so I'll finish LP sometime in the future.


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yeah i agree with daze, when he describes sneaking bunsen burners onto planes to smoke heroin its really shocking, even though its probably not true. When he goes on about a flying bird, not so cool, the first part of the book is the best, when he shows what humanity has become. Not a pink fucking house with foot prints.