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Loves to read books, taking a shot at writing! (1 Viewer)



Hey All,

My name's Palermo and I'm a 3rd year Business student. I've been reading some of the post from this website in the past couple of days and I felt remiss if I didn't join. I'm not a 'writing' type of guy, never did well during my humanities courses in university, but I suddenly found passion from reading books (which in way is related to writing, I think...). I enjoy reading non-fiction specifically topics on philosophy, economics and personal development. So if you have any books you'd like to recommend, feel free to drop me a line!

Anyway, I hope to gain your insight in writing and please be brutally honest when you critique my work :D.

Thank you all!



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Hi Polermo,

Welcome to the forum. Keep at the school. It took me four years but I finally managed to get an MBA. It may not have help specifically but I was greatly rewarded in general ways. It actually helped my writing but I've always enjoyed writing. Have fun with it and learn by reading other people's stuff.

Again, welcome and good writing.

JL Stratton


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Hello to you, Palermo, and welcome to the forum. A love for reading books is often combined with the need to write one yourself, so good luck!