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love my abc's (1 Viewer)



adam's apples
all he does
black socks
buddha statues
clean sheets
cat-eye glasses
dogs with three legs
dancing in my underwear
elastic pants, the neon pink ones
eyes that are hazel
foreign films in black and white
forgetting why it hurts
garbage can findings
glances i pretend not to notice
hiding from the truth
hiccups that wont go away
inside jokes
idealistic romances
jeans with holes in the knees
jokes you cant tell in school
kissing under the missletoe
keys to unknown doors
losing because i
let him win
money from other countries
Mountain Dew
notes left on the car window
numbers on the Caller ID
old couches that are almost too comfortable
orange K-Swiss on his feet
plaid boxers
promises you intend to actually keep
quail feathers
running my fingers through his hair
scratched cars
scarred memories
thick glasses
trying not to laugh in church
unforgivable acts being forgiven
under-the-sheets laughter
vodka hangovers
velcro shoes
winning his heart
when i catch him looking at me
xanga entries
XL shirts when you're not XL
you and
your bad habits
zebra striped sheets
zippers coming unzipped


wow... i like this... ive never been able to do hte abc thing, but you pulled it off excelently... nice work Emolove


Senior Member
Very nice. It goes back and forth between love and infidelity. Makes me wonder if there's any reconciliation there, or if it just continues on this way forever.