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LouiseVoillemin name change to BabesJJ changing avatars/pseudonym (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
My middle name is Louise and Voillemin is my real name. And after seeing that most people NOT ALL use real names but avatars or whatever they are called I asked if I could change my profile name and nicely the network administrators said OK. So I picked a name that i a joke name to me. If you take the name of one of your first pets and these names are often ridiculous. My other next choice was Lucky as those were some of my first pet names I can remember. And then take the name of a street that you lived on as a child. I lived in the country on double JJ.

And the American joke is your poll dancer name is a combination of your first pets name and your first streets name or one of the first. So my new avatar for a little bit of online anonymity sake is BabesJJ. I think it sounds totally tawdry and a bit unseen. Anyhoo so formally pseudonym/avatar LouiseVoillemin now BabesJJ.

Babes JJ if I was a poll dancer this would be my poll dancer name