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Lost & Found (Book 1 of The E Apocrypha) - Dystopian - 142K (1 Viewer)

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Well, let's give it a try.

TITLE: Lost & Found

GENRE: Dystopian fiction

WORD COUNT: 142K (yes, I know, it's a tall order and exceeds the traditional limits for the genre)

The world is broken. Decades after a catastrophic event wiped out all technology, the survivors live off the scraps of the fallen civilization’s glory.

Unrelated events, ranging from an unwarranted award all the way to brutal abduction, fling very different people into kaleidoscopic chaos.

A rookie in a religious confederation is granted a coveted assignment he did nothing to deserve. In short order, he is sent through the Wilderness on a mysterious mission to the City. His encounters challenge the most fundamental ideas he’d been raised on: the good and the bad, faith, friendship, love, loyalty.

An ambitious young scavenger from an abandoned metropolitan area has her training – and her life – ruthlessly disrupted. With her survival and liberty at stake, she must carve a niche for herself, and does so with ferocious determination. New friends and goals accompany her impromptu graduation, but the challenges scale up too.

The two cross paths with a taciturn indentured labourer in a sprawling railroad empire, an intelligence officer of a prominent city-state, and a hierarch of a powerful trade house.

All five become entangled in a web of subtle - and, increasingly, not-so-subtle - geopolitical strife. Their lives change irrevocably. They step up. They mature. They adapt and overcome.

There has to be more than eking out a miserable existence.

The decaying world may yet get another chance.

SENSITIVE CONTENT: violence and gore (where justified, not gratuitous), language, allusions to sexual encounters (nothing explicit)

AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION: upper YA / general adult

EXPECTATIONS: looking mainly for developmental feedback, but will welcome anything you're willing to throw at me. Would be particularly appreciative if you help identify weaker scenes or sections that may be cut out (remember the word count? ;-) )

TIMESCALE: flexible, but reasonable (3-4 weeks, not months)

AVAILABLE FORMATS: my personal preference is Google Docs, with commenting inline. I enjoy interactive discussion, but do not mandate it; if you prefer collecting all the feedback offline and then shooting it as one email - that's fine too. If you happen to have a strong aversion to GDocs, I am open to discussing possible alternatives.

OTHER: the text has been through 5 self-editing revisions and a couple of beta-readers (so it's rather polished and proofread), but I need more eyes on it.
It's close 3d POV, past tense. Multiple protagonists, but single POV per chapter.

If this kind of spikes your interest but you're unsure if you're willing to commit, I can share the first few chapters as a "trial version".

Thanks in advance!
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