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Lord Foul's Bane - Stephen Donaldson (Thomas Covanent books) (1 Viewer)


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Lord Foul's Bane - Stephen Donaldson (Thomas Covanent books)

Has anyone else read this?

I heard it was great reading, but I've been finding it a bit hard to get through. Boring in a way, but there's something wrong with this book that I just can't put my finger on ...

Good characters, and the writing itself is superb, flowing well, but this book is just a chore to read.

Maybe, do you think, is it because the book is chok full of new culture? It seems that not a page goes by where something is being done differently than it would be done in our world (Thomas Covanent's world), and Donaldson has no compunctions about telling us all about it in a manner of detail that bogs down the story. Maybe too much culture shock is detracting from the story itself?



Oh god, like 15 years ago... That brings back memories. To be honest the entire White Gold Wielder bit just didn't stick.


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Read it years ago, then came back and read again the double-trilogy about five years ago. Loved it to bits both times. And the story continues. Not everyone's cup of tea, but hugely popular all the same.



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I read it back in the 80's and loved it initially. It seemed to run out of steam for me as I lost empathy with the MC.
Bit of an epic read as I remember, how many books are there?