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looking for catharsis music (1 Viewer)


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looking for happy music that helps through grief.. my dad is in a rehabilitation place now.... though rehabilitation chances are 0%... i need good music.. thats how I pulled through it last time when my bff died lasst year... any good songs help you through tough times...???


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I don't know if my tastes are what you're looking for, but here's somethings I like to listen to when sad.
Forest Swords -- Exalter
Atid Matok -- Infected Mushroom version
The Gift -- DJ Redlight (Ashley Carr)
Journey to Infinity -- Polar Dreamer
Airplane - Turtles
This version of Stickerbrush Symphony -- David Wise

Lacrimosa Est -- Gabba Front Berlin
Troubleman -- Electric Guest
Jazz Suite Waltz #2 -- Shostakovich
Tears from the Moon -- Conjure One
She's the Sun -- Scooter
Nothing at All -- Rob Dougan

I'm sorry you're going through this. But know it's going to be okay, and that your dad has a legacy in you. He won't be gone.
Hey, I also don't know if your tastes align with mine, or what exactly you are looking for. I want you to know that there's hope.

Here are some of the songs that I found most comforting during the time that my Mom was dying, and after she died.
Our Lives - Phil Keaggy
All the Way Home - Larry Norman
Inseparable - Phil Keaggy
Let Everything Else Go - Phil Keaggy (Town to Town album version)
Whose Heavy Heart - Phil Keaggy
Little Star - Phil Keaggy
All There is to Know - Phil Keaggy

So yeah ... a lot of Phil Keaggy! I also listened to a lot of lullabies off of the album Little Sleepy Eyes, and other songs from my childhood, because they reminded me of her. The album Beyond Nature (Phil Keaggy) is an instrumental album from my childhood that always makes me feel peaceful.

But weirdly enough I think the album that I loved the most during this time was The Varangian Way, by Turisas. It's a folk metal album about a group of Vikings who travel to Constantinople. I think when I lost my Mom I felt like I was losing my past, and in that album there's this wrestling with but also celebration of the past, but always with eyes forward ("Far from home I've come, but the road has just begun"). If you like metal and epic stories I would recommend this.

Songs about hope:
When the Mist Has Rolled Away - Barry Mcguire
If We Hold On Together - Diana Ross
Behold All Things Are Becoming New - Phil Keaggy
What a Day - Phil Keaggy
Quite Suddenly - Phil Keaggy
Morningtown Ride - The Seekers (a lullaby)

Motivation songs/songs about rising above hardship:
Stand Up and Fight - Turisas
Guardians/Rising from Ruins - Judas Priest
Irresistible Future - Randy Stonehill

Songs about grief and change, or going through difficulty (some of these are sad but they contain hope):
I Walked a Mile - Barry Mcguire
Ryan's Song - Phil Keaggy
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
That's the Way it Goes - Randy Stonehill
A Little Bit of Light - Phil Keaggy

Very happy songs:
Shouts of Joy - Phil Keaggy
Happy Road - Barry Mcguire
Easter Song - 2nd Chapter of Acts
Dance With You - 2nd Chapter of Acts

I guess that is a lot but I hope some of this is what you are looking for!
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interesting.... I guess I should post my taste hear... I virtually have eclectic taste but I mainly stick around techno... rap and trap... any metal I do is kawaii metal or nu metal... I also do what I call club pop... I am sorry I haven't responded I am just now coming out of my funk from were we sent my dad to the home...

I did some free association writing.. about to do some more after I clean a bit.. ty each of you for the advice...
P.s. I also like jazz for some reason but only "video game jazz.." like in persona... so that is a hit or miss..


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I am sorry about your dad. Stay in the company of your friends and family where you live.

What music artists do you like of each respective genre?

What about William orbit for techno? I think he dabbles in the genre. I know almost nothing of techno. A cousin of mine is a fan of techno though I don't talk to him often.


Gives us some more clues as to your tastes and maybe I will listen to some music that I have never heard off before. I always wrote off techno as if classical music without the instruments in many cases.


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just off the top of my head my taste
techno bands
1. daft punk
2. fatboy slim
3. basement jax
4. prodigy
5. m'um
6. iosis
liked techno remixes
1. boom boom pow vs satisfaction
2. this will be the day{rwby}
3. love like you{stevon universe}
4. anything rwby sound track
5. most steven unives sound track
6. nirvana vs fatboy slim
7. bad apple{touhou}
8. al your base are belong to us
drumb and base remixes
1. laux rux in for the kill
rock bands
1. system of a down
2. baby metal
3. limp biscut
4. the pillows
5. hi hi puffy ami yum
rock songs
1. bye bye sayonara
pop bands
1. loux rux
2. lady gaga
3. kda
4. black pink
5. halcali
6. pink
pop remixes
1. unravel{tokyo ghoul sound}
pop songs
1. jingo jungle
2. in for the kill
1. niki minaj
2. mc frontalot
3. mc chris
4. busta rhymes
5. mc lars
6. shafer the dark lord{not everything but he has some hits}
7. optimis ryhme
8. deltron 3030
9. del funky homosapin
rap songs
1. death bed
2. fetts vetts
3. stoop sale{by mc frontalot]
4. spoiler alert
5. I can ride a bike with no handle bars{I think thats what it is called
6. convictor yamazxda
jazz songs
1. mass destruction persona 3
2. really anything off the persona sound track will do
any bands
1. the gorilaz
trap songs/remixes
1. you don't own me
2. what ever the main song from mis kobayoshi dragon maid was but the remix
I also like dubstep but I can't think of any songs
1. spirit in the sky
sound trax
1. jet set radio
2. cowboy bebop
3. machica madoka[especialy remixes hip hop wise}

p.s. I just listed off the top of my head.. sorry this is a lot though... lol.


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If you like rap I have some recommendations since you listed busta rhymes.

1)notorious big
3)old dirty bastard (I like the song baby I got your money)
4) snopp dogg (beautiful which I consider his best song)

Pops bands:
1) Alphaville (start with forever young first harvest)(they also have excellent demo recordings of the same songs in first harvest which is a collection of their best songs; can be found on spotify using a free account)
2) no doubt has some decent songs
3) a-ha (take on me)
4)silent circle (stop the rain in the night-addicted to this song)
1) elton john
2)eric carmen (he immortalized himself in the song all by myself)
3)peter gabriel
5)Laura Branigan (she has many good songs: solitaire, self-control extended version, gloria)
1) enya (music for depression and relaxation)
3) pat benatar (pop rock: her best song is we belong)
6)the beatles (of course)
7)paul mcartney (yesterday the original recording and much more)
There will be more to come as the thread progresses depending on what you like to hear.
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I wish I could post the list here ... apparently I can't post a play list anymore.. lol.. I will try though...
the following link is the best I can do..


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Some more music artists:
Simon and garfunkle (el condor pasa, bridge over troubled water, Cecilia, sounds of silence) ( this is peaceful music)
Sinead O'conner (nothing compares to u, I'd look for a greatest hits album for her music)
Beck (sea change, he was supposedly depressed when he recorded this but it's his best album. Some good songs are: a little one, paper tiger, lonesome tears)
John Lennon (Imagine, happy Xmas the war is over)
Look for the greatest hits of the artists and you will find many good songs to hear for weeks or months.
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