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Looking for books with well developed antagonists/villians (1 Viewer)


Hey all.

I'm looking for some books that you have read that have well developed villians/antagonists. I enjoyed Silas from Brown and of course Hannibal and Dolarhyde from Harris. I would appraciate any recommendations, and I'm open to any genre. Thanks.

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Hi Ryan,

If you don't mind going to Shakespeare, you'll get some real blood-curdling villains in Othello, MacBeth (including Lady MacBeth), King Lear and some of the other tragedies.

But these three are chillers!

Happy hunting,



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Ronald Merrick from The Raj Quartet by Paul Scott. What he did, and ultimately what was done to him, was all the more horrifying because of his believability.


Big Brother in "1984" can't be beat. "He" is everywhere, malevolent, and can read your thoughts. Furthermore, everything "he" does is a quest for power over people. That is "his" sole motivation.