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Looking for an exciting co-writer for horror script, M/F (1 Viewer)

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I am an actress currently training to work in the movies in Hollywood.

My portfolio can be viewed here:


I am a very creative person with lots of ideas. It seems as though jobs for actors in the movies are being controlled and dominated by many criminal agencies and politically corrupt organizations like William Morris Agency (crooks). See my petition I've written to help actors: http://www.petitiononline.com/passiton/petition.html (Up and Coming movie actors want to be able to sign up for union membership themselves, but they are being discriminated against at the front door, and not allowed to join the actors union, SAG. Only allowing certain people into the union is very bad for the community because it keeps the wealth from being spread to areas where actors are trying to help their communities thrive.)

Therefore, I would love to entertain the idea of working on a script with another writer or actor. (Since I am being discriminated against so badly. Where is the open door? Unfortunately, I'm a little old for the Mickey Mouse Club and their sickeningly "deserving" members, sorry.) Maybe, together we can write ourselves jobs in the movies, or maybe a great writer reading this could keep me in mind and recommend me for the part? I would love to get together once or twice a week to work on a script together to sell to movie studios, and make into a movie. Maybe two heads really is better in some instances.

See this? I made it for writers:


Contact me if you want a very creative co-writer or a tremendously outstanding supporting actress for your movie in LA.


Andrea Calabrese


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