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Looking for a certain book... (2 Viewers)


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I need your help finding a certain fiction book. A few months ago I posted information about a book i was looking for, and one of the users found it.

My dad told me about a book he read 25-30 years ago (in high school, so 1970s/80s) that he wanted me to find. he remembered some details, just not the title. i told him to write down all he remembered about it. so here it is:

"A man takes a boat to an island to dive for sunken treasure on a reef. it seemed like he hired an islander to help him. He's got a compressor on board so he can refill his tanks. he has a suction hose to suck sand from around the wreck that he is diving on. there's a moray eel, turtle, and shark involved in the story."