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Looking for a book (1 Viewer)

I'm looking for a thought compelling book with a good plot that really makes you think things through. Every book I've read that I've hoped might meet this criteria has failed and dissapointed me horribly. If you have any favorite thought provoking books, pleaes let me know.


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Les Miserables....You have to be a good reader and be able to stick it through, but so far it's awesome. I've only read half as of now and it continues to get better and better. (The unabridged version is 1200 pages)

Great insight into life and beautiful prose. If this doesn't stimulate some in depth thought, then you're doomed to a life of nothingness. :D

If you want a short book, then I suggest A Clockwork Orange. It's relatively short and provides some great material to think about. The language itself makes you think.
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Im only on page 73, but so far the book Shardik by Richard Adams is very good. I find myself reading paragraphs over 4 times to be able to picture in complete detail the situation. The author uses many old British words that I, being American, hardly ever hear. The book is all about human nature and how man interprets things like faith and prophecy. It is pure fantasy and involves a far off world in and around a huge sprawling empire where iron work is a modern achievement..like I said it is fantasy but there is no actual supernatural happening in the book. No magic, no other races, no dragons. The book focuses heavily on how the main character is thinking about the predicament he is currently in. A very good, thought compelling, strange book indeed.

Kira the wanderer

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The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. There are things that are predictable, but most of the book will have you wondering until the end. My favorite.


Depending on what it is that you are wanting to ponder on, I would probably recommend The Brothers K by David James Duncan. An assigned reading for me in high school, it was the only assigned book that I ever read all the way through past the ninth grade. Gives a wonderful look into life, love, family, religion, war, sorrow, and the true meaning of life. Not necessarily for everyone, it is a great mix of silly happiness and thoughtful introspection.

Thank you, I will definitely be taking a look at those books. I've seen the play of Les Mis and was truly enticed by it but I've yet to get around to reading it.


I would recommend Notes from the Underground by Dostoevsky though it really depends on your personality as well as your taste in books. The mind of the main character can also seem extremely complicated and unusual, but the effect the book has on your way of thinking is definitely awesome.