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Londonstani and Others (1 Viewer)

Short Tooth

Senior Member
Just bought this book by Gautum Malkani today and I'm really enjoying it. It's a fascinating insight into a world I already knew too much about. But I'm always interested in seeing how it is perceived and embodied by others and how they portray sectors such as these in works of art.

My question is has any one read this, and also does any have any titles similar to this to recommend? By that I mean books about the youth culture (18-21) in England, preferably London. I'd really like to pursue these avenues more.

Short Tooth

Senior Member
Ohmygod. I just finished this book.... Never has a book left such an impact on me. Amazing! It has a twist that is completely unique to literature and could never be replicated in film.

Truly outstanding, and such a fantastic commentary, critique and insight into Hyper-masculinity in the youth of London particularly.

Highly recommended to everyone

Mike C

WF Veterans
Interested in your opinion on Londonstani - it's on my 'buy' list, although the reviews haven't all been particularly glowing.

If you want youth culture combined with some urban fantasy, read China Mieville's 'King Rat', also set in contemporary London.