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Little Girl (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Little Girl, Little Girl
Why do you cry,
Who was so mean to you
That brought tears to your eyes

Was it a bully at school
That treated you cruel
Or did your mother scold you
For breaking a rule

Little Girl, Little Girl
Let me wipe your eyes
And kiss away the tears
That fall from your eyes

"I write from my heart, from my heart I write"


Staff member
either you are a very quick study or your last poem was one of your earlier works. Aside from the capitols (very old school) this was one fine , no I take that back, one extremely good nursery rhyme. No forced rhyme( I sure you know what that means) excellant flow, The only nit is the S3 L2 you have eyes on L2 and L4 best to find another end rhyme of L2 not L4.

Enjoyed immensely- short poetry done quite well...