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Literary Maneuvers "Hall of Fame" (1 Viewer)

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The Winner's Hall of Fame

NameTimes Won
Terry D9
Chris Miller5
13 tied3
16 tied2

The Judging Hall of Fame
(at the moment, a few years out of date)​
NameTimes Judged
Like a Fox13
Bazz Cargo12
Chris Miller10

Winner's totals updated as of the July 2021 LM results.
This information was originally collected and posted by members Fin and Darren White. Kudos, gentlemen.​
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Month by Month Historical Winners of the Literary Maneuvers Challenge!
September-21Same sentence first and lastJBFFounders Day
August-21Picture of old house with streetlight and wet roadFoxeeMoonbeats
July-21It Should be OverthePancreas11Superstitions
June-21Roll from GridVrangerExhumation
May-21(open prompt)MickdTainted
Apr-21DefiancethePancreas11No More
Mar-21A Holy PlaceArrowInTheBowOfTheLordBullfrogs Never Die
Feb-21Grand Fiction Challenge - A Blace in the Northern SkyJenthepenThings Will Never Be The Same
Jan-21Gunshots in the HillsVeloHomecoming
Dec-20The FrostlandsFoxeeRunning Water
Nov-20The Shop on the CornerIbbPauper's Prices
Oct-20Dead Man's Dance/Drawing Down the MoonJJDeanThe Gray Area
Sep-20A Voice in the StormB4BFirst Contact
Aug-20The New NormalbdcharlesTruth, US
Jul-20Wild WestArrowInTheBowOfTheLordBones Lonely of the Triassic
Jun-20A Story Based on a SongBornForBurningIt Lives
May-20Give War a ChanceEpimetheusMy Tongue Shall Become Iron
Apr-20Alien VisitUndead_AVThe Painting
Mar-20Re-Tell a Fairy TaleUndead_AVThe Exhibit
Feb-20-- (GFC)
Jan-20Write a Death ScenebdcharlesRed Star, Expiring
Dec-19EpistolaryMishThe Schrödinger Incident - Captain's Logs
Nov-19The ScarecrowArrowInTheBowOfTheLordThe Scarecrow
Oct-19Urban FairytaleIbbThe Boys Are Dead But Also Back in Town
Sep-19Choose a PromptTimThe Worst Betrayal
Aug-19Dead and DreamingTimDark and Dreaming
Jul-19Final GirlEpimetheusHigh, all the time
Jun-19We Found Him In The ParkUndead_AVThe Orphans
May-19At SeaFatclubAt Sea
Apr-19The Butterfly EffectEpimetheusUpon Wings Of Passion
Mar-19Warden, I want My Own CellLuckyscarsDignity
Feb-19Footprints in the SnowArachneA Matter of Substance
Feb-19Grand prize challenge
Jan-19Things You See In The SmokePerianderThe Foundling
Dec-18Moon LandingArachneOne Giant Leap for Barbara
Nov-18Unreliable NarratorEmma SohanCarpe Diem
Oct-18CloudridersIbbI Slapped William Faulkner and I Liked It
Sep-18The FuneralIbbDead Man Talking
Aug-18Jonthom6th August 2318 AD/350 AA
Aug-18Last Day on EarthVeloExodus
Jul-18Dead Boys Don't CrygodofwineSuspicious Activity
Jun-18Gas Station ProphetDeClarkeThe Seventh
May-18Upset the Apple CartplasticweldThe Same Task, Different Mission
Apr-18The Floor AboveSueCUpstairs
Mar-18Locked Inside-xXx-Neugen Prime
Feb-18bdcharlesSteel Machine
Feb-18godofwineThe Gatekeeper
Feb-18Annual LM ChallengeJenthepenDouble
Feb-18SmithSecond Life
Jan-18Never Bend Over-xXx-re: writ root
Dec-17He's Way Too Young For MePluralizedThe Boys
Nov-17I could see them comingRoacSuperheroes
Oct-17Picture PromptGodofwineThe Chase
Sep-17Gorilla ThreesomeRubiscoMonkey see Monkey do
Aug-17Because I'm InsaneSueCBecause I'm Insane
Jul-17The FollowerbdcharlesNightfairies
Jun-17DroneTerry DInside 7c
May-17Everything Must GoPhil IstineClosing Down Sale
Apr-17Pouch CreamPtolemyHip Lingo
Mar-17Choose a SongCandervalleThe Confession of Sam Hall
Feb-17Grand FictionJoshyboLooking Back
Jan-17When a Good Man FallsgodofwineThe Preacher's Wife
Jan-17Terry DThe Catcher In The Sky
Dec-16Santa's ConfessionTKentI didn't Say Anything
Nov-16Well this is AwkwardTerry DRescue
Oct-16Here there be MonstersKyle RThe Beast
Sep-16Wrong HouseCandervalleHomeward Bound
Aug-16Out of TimeSleepwriterSpeed
Jul-16The GamblerrcallaciSecrets of the Bayou
Jun-16Picture PromptSleepwriterSatisfaction Guaranteed
May-16It Grows On YourcallaciAnywhere, But Here
Apr-16The Sun And The DragonTerry DThe Scent Of Ginger
Mar-16Reason 343Kyle R.Sparrow June Falls in Love
Feb-16Grand Fiction ChallengeInkwellMachineLike Snuffing Out a Candle
Jan-16Choose a SongjoshyboThe Oracle
Dec-15First One To DieHarperColeThe Road to Heaven is paved with bad intentions
Nov-15Dream ThiefppsageDream Thief
Oct-15Eyes In The DarkJ AnfinsonEyes
Sep-15Recycled Partsastroannie and InstituteManRansom's Secret Revealed and Parts To Number, Parts To Name
Aug-15I Think I Remember How To Do ThisAllysan and ppsageMemories Lost and Found and Ava
Jul-15ShadowsFoxeeWanted: A Friend for Remembering
Jun-15The Burden of Guiltrcallaci and joshybo12 O'Clock Midnight and What Was Left Unsaid
May-15You Don't See MeKnightPlutonianI See You
Apr-15Bad DecisionsjoshyboBroken
Mar-15Re-imagined Fairy TaleM CullAllerednic
Feb-15Picture PromptShinyfordSix Cubits
Jan-15Yearly ChallengeTerry DQuid Pro Quo
Dec-14Glass EyeTerry DExhibit #1: From a Cell Phone Recording Found at the Scene
Nov-14Saturday Night in the City of the DeadGuy FaukesOrphans
Oct-14Paper ChildrenInkwellMachineShe Gave Me No Tears
Sep-14Alien Mating RitualsshinyfordSpede, Dating.
Aug-14Don't Look BackgarzaDon't Look Back.
Jul-14Stranger at the DoorKyle RUnderneath it All.
Jun-14Choose a SonggarzaMcRae County Man Charged with Arson
May-14The ConversationBishopThe Conversation
Apr-14A Children's StoryShinyfordThe Nuffin Puffin
Mar-14Unexpectedly NudeTheYellowMustangSenseless
Feb-14Ten MinutesthePancreas11The Last Human
Jan-14Here Today, Gone TomorrowTerry DThe Cost
Dec-13A Light in the AtticInkwellMachineThe Process
Nov-13The Space In BetweenStaff DeploymentThe Day I Became a Ghost
Oct-13When The Clock StopsFolcroKAYLIE, FROM THE STARS
Sep-13Don’t Turn Out The LightsJ AnfinsonReconcile
Aug-13The Date From HellInkwellMachineWedding Invitation
Jul-13VerschlimmbesserungJamiePoint, Click, Refresh
Jun-13The Last Good DayDictariumThe Marvelous Monday of Marcus Shunt
May-13Killing Things Best When Selling Nothinglasma thousand cuts
Apr-13BubblesJon MN/A
Mar-13Picture PromptlasmPatient
Feb-13ContradictionsLeylinePretty Girls in Nice Cars
Jan-13Waiting For The SunmoderanWaiting For The Sun
Dec-12The WarninglasmThe Warning
Nov-12Another Corporate TakeoverLeylineGifted & Talented
Oct-12Out at SeaInsanityStrickenWriterAn Old Man's Shack
Sep-12Sex TapeChris MillerPanorama
Aug-12Funny Things Happen When the Sky is BurningKyleColoradoGrey Tail, Orange Sky
Jul-12Shoes Hanging on a WiregarzaVenus in Transit
Jun-12Picture PromptTerry D and TaknovrthewrldStrings and Dead Marionette
May-12Oh! What a Lovely ApocalypseKyleColoradoEat On, Hungry Giant
Apr-12For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never WornTerry DThe Price
Mar-12The Abysscandid petuniaUntitled
Jan-12At Last Some LifeInsanityStrickenWriterIn Dark Spaces
Dec-11DecemberRusty NailHer Last December
Nov-11Fall InLike a FoxYou Last Autumn
Oct-11It Happened in a MomentInsanityStrickenWriterThe Moment of Everything
Aug-11Food, Glorious Food!Anna ButtonsSweet and Sour
Jul-11Historical FictionAnna ButtonsHebony
Jun-11Let’s Talk About FlyingAnna ButtonsNot Who You Think It Is
April/May 2011Superhero’s Night OffInsanityStrickenWriterDeadly Butter
May-11The CaretakerLike a FoxNo More Baked Potatoes
Mar-11Six Pictures Found on a Camera on the Side of the RoadSpider8Six Steps to Heaven
Feb-11The Six ElementsLeylineLittle Miss Candyflip
Jan-11Song into StoryKatastrofJust Words
Nov-10Reply to a Love LetterKatA Hard Lesson
Oct-10Picture Promptspider8Intuition
Sep-10Discovering a Portal to. . .EdropusUntitled
Aug-10A Blind Date with the DevilLeyline...there is some shit I will not eat
Jul-10Four WordscaelumA New Acquaintance
Jun-10New Monsters and Double Blindalanmt and NathanBrazilSatyricon and A Plastic Bag
May-10Justice is BlindLike a FoxSahara Glow
Apr-10Last Bus to. . .moderanN/A
February/March 2010Dreamseigfried007N/A
September/October 2009Dec. 21 2012The Backward OX and Crazed ScribeN/A and N/A
Aug-09Second Person POVcyberspecterN/A
Jul-09The Dead Don’t dieeggoN/A
Jun-09Rewrite a Fairy Taleseigfried007N/A
April/May 2009We’d Like to Know a Little About you for our FliesadrianhayterDeath and Privacy
Mar-09Put The Hammer DownadrianhayterCoitus Interruptis at a Hundred and Five
Feb-09Follow Your HearteggoN/A
Jan-09The AuthorJosephBThe Flumax
November/December 2008Seven Sinsseigfried007N/A
Oct-08Scare MeNon ServiamNo Matter What
Sep-08Your Life Without “Life”TiamatN/A
Aug-08Cover LetterGeishaN/A
Jul-08Spntaneous CombustioneggoN/A
May-08SacrificeChris MillerFun With Dick and Jane
Apr-08The ApocalypseLoulou and eggoN/A and N/A
Mar-08Delivery!IrishLadEnd of Parade
Nov-07Advice ColumnLoulouUntitled
Oct-07Break Up SongsmilinghelpsGet Out of my Box
Aug-07Fly on the WallsmilinghelpsDirty Laundry
Jul-07My Life as a Dead bodyJiiedenHow Demons Are Made
March/April 2007Wild LifeFoxeeN/A
Feb-07Political SpeechcyberspecterNO MORE!
Dec-06SnowHodgeSnow: History Of
Nov-06Your Version of HellWyndstarGetting it Done
September/October 2006Five Hundred Years From NowFoxee and JiiedenN/A and Sanctuary
Aug-06Iron ChefChris Miller and eggoThe Reception and Monster Mashed
Jul-06Extreme Makeover: Poem EditionGigiMidnight Thoughts While Attending The Carnival
Jun-06DeadlinesSavia and KelhanionA Race of Hands and Could I Have An Eternal Feast For One, Please?
May-06MythologyChris MillerN/A
Apr-06RevengeHodge and aprilrainHe Doth Protest Too Much and Dog Days
Feb-06Worst Valentines Day EverChris MillerJoanne’s Artistic Floral Arrangements and Gifts
Aug-05Bedroom DescriptionstrangedazeMy Room as a Love Story
Jul-05Travel SonnetAchillesTime Traveler
Jun-05Moralistic FableLoneWolfThe Squirrel's Folly
May-05Out of TimedanielstjLast Dance
May-05Hungover HaikuIlan BouchardUntitled
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