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Lincoln (400 words) (Explicit Language) (1 Viewer)


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by Dino A Gonzalez

Lincoln is unlike other artists. He paints with words on a canvas of premade nouns and verbs, and every once in a while, he has the nerve to say he likes the weather today. His desk is straight, no curves, no waves. “No one on earth is like Lincoln,” they say. He is so unique, so completely himself, unlike other artists. The most perfect or dullest or most definite, yes, and consistent peace of mind to anyone that isn't trying to escape. To be successful is to be Lincoln. Everybody wants me to be Lincoln. But I wanna be Bobby.

Bobby has hobbies, being, carefree, looking sloppy, and at best, he's just a mess of fun. He takes his chances to be happy, but, Bobby has no chances left. He's drowning, and it's his last breath. And, he rather die and play with what's left. But Bobby has karma to get off his chest.

Yes, he wants to please her. He wants to do great. He wants to show her; he can strain for success - except. See karma tricks Bobby into thinking he's happy. ‘Cause Bobby loves karma, but karma's been standing by things Bobby hates, saying light happy things along with kissy lips in her breathe. So by the end of the day, Bobby turns very unique. Except, Bobby's not Bobby if this isn’t decete.

Follow the stigma of Bobby's dilemma. He's a daydreamer dying in a mild tamed fever. Her whip is her wits, and Bobby's dips are the pits. He's happy without shit, but now he's on and can't quit.

It's awful. no charisma, Bobby is-in-a daze, dreams blazed, her - still trying to turn Bobby into someone she actually loves. So Spaceship-ish tips rich like “Bob it is” apply as if there's lots of reasons to give one ounce of a shit. Oh, love / hate

He slaps her about - drags her and shouts, “Fine you want lincoln.” Great! Here he is. But what bobby sees… Wait, let that sink-in.

Lincoln watching a movie, smoking a doobie, on the idiot-box… and he talks like a sailor, walks through the mess of his trailer like moe people. His whole outside is deceitful, but now, through this peephole he sees no evil, does no evil, and hears no Karma…

So bobby’s there in jail, melting like a snail to the vertical rails contemplating his fails and graphing one big tale.

-------- < Notes > --------
I think maybe 4 lines followed a rhyme scheme.
The rest of them, I just wanted to tell a story.