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Limerick thread (1 Viewer)

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Olly Buckle

Okay, but the plot is to write limericks, and limericks are anapaestic. Line two has ten syllables in it and they do not constitute two short, or unstressed, syllables followed by a stressed.
Cat wins for / smelling a / savoury / rat
It doesn't work, a and y can't end the foot in a limerick, so I will take liberties.

In choosing a dog or a cat
A cat can smell savoury rat
A dog does keeping you fit

Sorry about swapping 'does' for 'for', BAR , it simply fits better with the altered line.

I don't know who did the original line two, I will lose my post if I go back a page to look, apologies to you to. Bloggsworth is right, it really did not work, though I wish he would explain rather than simply making a derogatory comment.

The metrical foot for limericks is the anapaest, dah dah DUM . Three in the first two and the fifth line and two in the middle ones. However it is allowed to cut one of the syllables from the last foot. That is why there are only eight syllables in the new line; there were only eight in the first and it is conventional to make both the same.
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