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Like Blood in Water (1 Viewer)


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This is a little poem I did. Thank you for reading :razz:

Like Blood in Water

I asked for my Dad's head
he laid bones on the table instead.

I ask my Mum why I float like blood in water
she set the tide to a distant border.

She taught me to jump to the rocks
when the path is blocked.

I need to catch that pigeon
I need a message giving decision.

I may end up on a foreign shore
wild as a boar.


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Hey MrTickle, This is fierce... completely gorgeous... "I float like blood in water".... sublime... I am intrigued... but, the last line feels contrived, and fell flat... JMO... But really really fabulous work...


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Thanks firemajic! Yeah you're dead right about that last line! That was the only line I had real trouble on, so will definitely re work it. I think I just over thought it lol. Anyway, I hope this is more of a poem than my last ones haha!

Thanks again!


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Nice rhyming Mr.Tickle! I also thought you could rework the last line but this is some good stuff here.

Thanks for sharing!