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Lights Out: A Project In Working (1 Viewer)

Lights Out: Scene 1

I don't know what it was about the idea of a bunch of chronicly depressed friends being stuck in the same room together in the midst of a possible crisis, but I just started writing this one day. This script is more like a hobby unless it turns out to be something good. Tell me what you think.

P.S. This is only part of it. I'll have more every day.


Princeton - That's strange.

(Princeton's girlfriend Ashely storms into the room from the kitchen dripping with sweat and frustration)

Ashely - Princeton, can you give me a hand with the...... (sees Princeton at the window) Princeton! Come away from that window at once! The neighbors will see!

Princeton - (ignoring her) Yes.... that's very interesting.

Ashely - Did you hear me?

Princeton - It's down right strange.

Ashely - Princeton!

Princeton - Ashely, come look at this. It's unbelievable!

Ashely - Yes. I'm sure the neighbor's hedges are remarkable. Those little gremlin things add a nice touch, but I don't have time for that now! I have to start cooking for tonight's affair, and I could really use some help back here.

Princeton - Hedges? Hedges? This is much more interesting than hedges! Did you know that there's a half naked girl sitting in a lawn chair across the street?

Ashely - (rushing over to him angrily) Uh! Princeton! You pervert!

(she starts slapping him)

Princeton - I'm twenty one Ashely. Everything I do is perverted. Don't worry. I'm not looking at her for that.

Ashely - Then why are you looking at her?

Princeton - Well don't you find it, I don't know..... a little strange for a girl to be outside in her bathing suit..... in October? It's a wonder the poor thing doesn't freeze to death.

Ashely - What's that supposed to mean?

Princeton - What?

Ashely - Are you saying I'm fat?

Princeton - Fat? What? Where did you get that from?

Ashely - You think I'm fat don't you?

Princeton - Of course not! What makes you say that?

Ashely - You never worry about me freezing to death. I guess you don't have to when you have a layer of blubber protecting you!

Princeton - What? Ashely! You're being histerical!

Ashely - Histerical? Me? You're the one who thinks all Hell brakes loose every time someone shows a little skin past the month of September! Look at you standing there for hours staring at some girl you have nothing to do with... or at least you better not.

Princeton - I haven't been standing here for hours! For goodness sake, she's only been here forty-five minutes.

Ashely - Forty-five minutes! You don't call staring at something for over half an hour a little paranoid?

Princeton - She's getting up. Sh.... sh... she's getting up!

Ashely - (sarcasticaly) Oh good. Well at least we've established that she's still alive. Now come help me in the kitchen.

Princeton - She's walking this way!

Ashely - And she can walk? Wow! This girl's got it all! Come on Princeton!

Princeton - She's crossing the street!!

Ashely - Did she remember to look both ways?

Princeton - She's walking towards our house!!!

Ashely - Let me guess, and she's wearing a pig's mask and carrying a butcher knife right? Oh, that reminds me, I've got to put the roast on.

Princeton - She's on our front porch! She's reaching out for the doorbell! Closer......closer....

(the doorbell rings)

Princeton - Aghhhhhh!

(he falls to the floor)

Ashely - I'll get it. I can see that you're busy.

(she starts for the door)

Princeton - No!

(he jumps up and grabs Ashely by the ankel; the two fall to the floor just as her hand reaches the door knob; during the next set ofl ines, the door bell continues to ring)

Ashely - Princeton! What on Earth are you doing?

Princeton - I'm sorry Ashely. I'm sorry, but I can't let you answer that door.

Ashely - Why is that?

Princeton - Because! Don't you see what's happening?

Ashely - You're acting very strange today. Have you been watching Lifetime again?

Princeton - She's going to turn out to be one of those pycho derranged next door killers you hear about on sixty minutes!

Ashely - Oh my God it's worse! You've been watching UPN!

Princeton - They come over to your house, ring oyur doorbell just like a normal person would.

Ashely - yes Princeton. I'm quiet aware of propper door to door etiquette.

Princeton - Wait! There's more! First they ask you if they can borrow a cup of sugar, or flour, or even...... butter! Then, when you least expect it they pounce on you, tie you up, and throw you down the basement stairs to die! And then...... and then......


Princeton - .....they don't return the favor!!!!! I won't let you fall victim to the evil that is... the next door neighbors!

Ashely - Oh Princeton, (she puts her hand on his shoulder consolingly) don't you worry. One day, I will find you help.

(pause as the doorbell rings one last time)

Ashely - Right after I answer that.

Princeton - No!

(Ashely manages to open the door this time, but as soon as she does Princeton pulls her back by the shirt causing the two to fall to the floor once again; standing in the doorway is the girl, Alexandra)

Ashely - Princeton!

(she slowly gets up)

Ashely - I am so sorry. That's Princeton. He gets cranky sometimes when his sippy cup is dirty and he has to drink from the big people's glass. (she holds her hand out) Hi, I'm Ashely.

Alexandra - (shaking her hand; she speaks with a Greek accent) I'm Alexandra. Pleased to meet you.

Princeton - (under his breath while getting back up) I bet you are.

(Ashely steps on his foot, unoticed by Alexandra)

Ashely - Pleased to meet you. Can I help you?

Alexandra - Yes. I was wondering if I could borrow some......

Princeton - No!

Alexandra - Some......

Princeton - No!

Alexandra - Some......

(Ashely kicks Princeton in the knee causing him to fall to the floor....again)

Ashely - You were saying?

Alexandra - Some sun tan lotion.

Ashely - Sun tan lotion huh? Hm... I wonder if we still have some. Hold on a minute. I'll go check. You two play nice now.

(as she exits, she pulls Princeton up by the collar right in her face)

Ashely - Right Princeton?

Princeton - (gulp) Okay.

Ashely - I'll be right back.

(she walks off)

Alexandra - Take you're time.

(Princeton shoots her a look)

Ashely - (off) I will.

(Princeton shoots a look off stage; now alone, there is an awkward silence between Princeton and Alexandra)

Alexandra - Well? Aren't you going to ask me to sit down?

Princeton - Wasn't planning on it.


Princeton - So.... Alexandra, if that is your real name, what ya up to?

Alexandra - Could you not see through the binoculars?

(Princeton freezes)

(laughing) Relax. I'm only kidding. I'm flattered actualy.

Princeton - Oh yeah, well don't be. I was only looking because it loked odd.

Alexandra - Why is that?

Princeton - Well uh, I don't know if you've noticed lady, but uh...... it's October!!!!!!

Alexandra - So?

Princeton - So? Don't you think it's a little awkward to be sitting outside in your bathing suit sun bathing? especially since the sun isn't even out! Where are you from anyway?

Alexandra - Well currently I'm visiting my father here in America, but during the summer I live in Greece. Sun bathing is very popular there. You know, the sun is almost always shining? I can't remember the last time it rained or was cloudy. Paradise.

Princeton - Really?

Alexandra - Yes, but recently I'm afraid that's not the case. In the two weeks before I left for America there wasn't a single clear day. And it's still summer over there!

Princeton - (beggining to become interested) Really? That's strange.

Alexandra - I know. I was hoping to catch up on the rays when I got over here, but as you can see, that didn't work out so well either.

Princeton - Funny you should mention that. You know, I haven't seen the sun all day. And you know, now that I think about it, I haven't seen the sun all week. And you know, now that yu think about it, I haven't see nthe sun all month! And you know, now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I saw the sun!

Alexandra - Neither can I! Isn't that strange?

Princeton - yes. very strange. So, why do you still go out there?

Alexandra - Because, the way I see it there are two types of people in this world. The kind that accepts that sometimes, things are just going to be depressing and there's no way around it. But they're never sad because they say screw it! I'm going to have a good time anyway! Then, there are those who hide from the dark and sadness in the world, trapped in their dark houses living there dark lives, they make up most of their problems themselves!

Princeton - I don't have to ask which type you are. Speaking of the sun though, now that I think aobut it, I haven't seen the sun all day. And you know, now that I think aboutit, I haven't seen the sun all week! And oyu know, now that I think about it I haven't seen the seen all month!! And oyu know, now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I saw the sun!

Alexandra - Neither can I! Strange. What could be the cause of that?

Princeton - You mean besides seasonal weather patterns? You think this might be something more?

Alexandra - Could be. I don't know. In Greece we normally don't have to worry about the weather. All we have to worry about is keeping the next door neigbors from stealing the goats.

Princeton - Global warming!

Alexandra - What?

Princeton - Global warming! I heard about this on 60 Minutes. About pollution burning, searing through the Earth's atmosphere allowing the sun to melt the polor ice caps and flood the world!

Alexandra - But.... there is no sun.

Princeton - Exactly!


Princeton - No, wait... never mind. But what if?!

Alexandra - What if?

Princeton - You know, Ashely never likes to talk about stuff like this with me. I think it scares her.

Alexandra - Well, that's what sisters are for.

Princeton - Oh, she's not my sister.

Alexandra - She's not?

Princeton - No! She's my girlfriend.

Alexandra - (trying to hide utter shock) Oh.

Princeton - Why did you think she was my sister?

Alexandra - Well it's just that... she doesn't seem very girlfriendish around you. She reminded me more of.... my mother!

Princeton - Really? You honestly couldn't tell we were a couple? Hm.

(the lights flicker)

Alexandra - What was that about?

Princeton - It's just the power. We have terrible witing in this house.

Alexandra - It's not just here. I lost count how many times that happened back home in Greece, and it's happened once or twice over here!

Princeton - You're kidding! First the sun, now this.


Princeton - You don't think they're connected do you?

Alexandra - Could be! I don't know! What if, something is happening to the sun and we're just now suffering from the effects of it. You know, it takes eight minutes for the sun's rays to reach Earth.

Princeton - But that means the su ncould already be gone.... and we don't even know it!

Alexandra - Which once again takes us back to the depression thing. Do you let that thought get the better of you? Or do you just move on. What type of person are you?

Princeton - I don't know. Both I guess. You don't really think something is happening do you?

Alexandra - Honestly? I couldn't say.

(Ashely walks back on)

Ashely - I'm back! Sorry, couldn't find any sun tan lotion. We usualy don't keep any past July. Sorry.

Alexandra - That's okay. In Greece we use flour for sun tan lotion.

Ashely - Really? Hey, I bet you if you dump some on a chicken, it'll fry!

(she bursts out laughing; Princeton and Alexandra stare back silent)

Ashely - Get it? Fried chicken? Flour? Oh never mind.

Alexandra - Well, I'd better be getting back. It was nice meeting you both.

(she starts toward the door)

Princeton - (blurting out all at once) We're having a party tonight.

(pause as Alexandra turns around and Ashely stares in amazement)

Princeton - I was thinking maybe you'd like to.... I don't know, stop by?

Ashely - Now Princeton, I don't think she wants to come and spend her evening with our weird bunch of friends.

Alexandra - Actually, I'd love to. It gets so boring in that house. Oh! I don't want to intrude though!

Ashely - No no! It's fine. The more the merrier. Seven sound all right?

Alexandra - Make it seven o one. I have to be fashinably late you know, but yeah! I'd love to ocme!

Ashely - Great! We'll see you there.

Alexandra - I can't wait.

(she walks off)

Ashely - Okay, what was that?

Princeton - Nothing. I was just being a good neighbor.

Ashely - Good neighbor? this from the guy who thought I was letting the Greek BTK killer in our house.

Princeton - She turned out to be very intriguing.

Ashely - So what did you talk about?

Princeton - We talked about.... the weather.

Ashely - the weather? Hm... sounds so intriguing. Well, it's a start.

(the clock chimes two)

Ashely - Two o clock already? I've got to get dinner ready! If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen! Oh, and stay away from the window.

(she runs into the kitchen)

Princeton - (thinking of the strange events) The weather.....

(the lights flicker again)

Princeton - The weather....

(he grabs his binoculars and looks out the window again; he waves across the street; the lights go out)
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