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Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans (2 Viewers)


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"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

Recently this has been prominent within my own life, and has provided a stimulus for many other offshoot questions.

Are we in control of our lives?

Can we plan ahead, or is planning merely a way to waste time?

When life brings so many surprises, I suppose it's difficult to know what you want, and you begin to lose track of whether what you have attained is what you wanted in the first place. Do we know what we want? How can we? We only know what we desire, and most of us, myself included, have an arbitrary lack of foresight when it comes to making our decisions.

"In this short life, that only lasts an hour, how much-how little, is within our power".

Perhaps we have free will to choose the routes we take in life, but each road seems to come with its own chain of events and consequences.

Is it within our free will to choose what we want?

Is this is any proportionable to how we often seem to get the opposite, or something very different to what we once hoped for?

Everything seems so ironic; at times it seems so much that you wonder whether there is a God, far away yet right beside you, laughing an amused laugh.

While we're on the topic of God -although dwelling on that issue could be rather time-consuming- does He control where our chosen paths take us, and is he aware in advance? I suppose the two are mutual. Does He plan these twists and turns for the best? As someone who has never experienced real pain or suffering, and therefore without an incentive to deny God's benevolence or even existence, I do not feel that I have, perhaps, the best perspective.

I know I am privileged, for the moment. So far, my chosen paths have not got me very far; at the naive age of 15 I am still awaiting- albeit with apprehension- the consequences of the more major paths that I will choose in life. I suppose as much as I plan, my plan will eventually only vaguely resemble -if at all- the future's reality.