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Life is like a... (1 Viewer)


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Life is like a strange piece of food you've never seen before. You can smell it, feel it, and weigh it, but will never know what it tastes like until you take a bite of it. Of course, once you take a bite, it's too late to decide whether you like it or not.
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Life is like a cruel lover. One day, she'll hold you in her most deep embrace and give you all the love you want. And the next day, she'll hurt you and scream at you and make you feel like complete shit.


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Life is like a shit sandwich without the bread. (As I browse the thread, I see that someone has already made this observation.) LOL
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Dan Rhys

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I'm afraid I have to disagree with most of the expressions here, for the element of surprise actually seems rare in life, hence why we call them 'surprises.' This, instead, is what I say:

Life is like a slot machine...most of the time, you know how the reels will end up--usually not your way--but every now and then you get that rare, pleasant reward before things go back to normal.


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Life is like a revolving door--run as fast as you want, but you still seem to be in the same place. Of course, you don't notice the hard muscle and increased lung capacity all that running is bestowing on you. . .so that when the whirling door finally squirts you out in a direction of its choosing. . .you're armed for whatever awaits you.


Life is like a cup of coffee: bitter at the dregs, everybody likes it different ways, and it's easier to be happy when you've got a lot of it.


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Life is like writing. You read the beautiful script, captured by the author's style and prose, drawn into their world, for the briefest of moments, held together by these black words, over the large white screen, happy, smiling, in respect, in awe; at the struggles they must have gone through, understanding their sacrifices just to give you this briefest of joy to remembered forever.