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Life is like a... (1 Viewer)



Life is like a middle school algebra class. People think they're being funny, but all they're doing is wasting your time, leaving you with thirty negative exponent problems as homework.
Life is like a glass of water when your thirsty. It goes fast but you enjoy every last drop of it until the end when theres nothing left but a drop.


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Life is like a movie you turn on an hour after it's begun. And just when you start to understand what's going on, your TV blows up.


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Life is like a faulty gun, sometimes you come out unscathed, and sometimes with shrapnel all up and down.


Life is like a journey of lessons. Our responsibility, while we are breathing, is to learn from the lessons and continue to evolve.
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I don't quite understand what happened to the prompt thing. But here is my attempt.

Life is like an orange, you peel it and all the juicy stuff squirts out all over you.


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Life is like a million words, they
batter at my ears and send me thinking


Life is like a machine, once you die the energy will leave your body in form of heat and become one with the universe, no different than the death of your computer.


Life is like a black hole. Dark, isolated, endless swirling around, sucking you in. No way out. You gasp for air yet you cant breath. You want out but your stuck there day after day just trying to breathe while the world tries to take away all of your air. You choke with every breath alone in silence in an endless black hole.
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Life is like looking through a telescope...you think you're seeing everything, but you're missing the big picture.