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Inspired by Pat's thread, "Describe Life as a..." I decided to create my own, similar yet different, thread. The purpose of this thread is for people to practice and develop their simile-making abilities.

You all know the expression, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get", right? Here you are supposed to make your own "life is like" expressions, based on the prompts by the writer above you.

I'll start it off:

"Life is like a hacky-sack, who knows how long the cruel feet of fate can kick you around before you drop?"

Prompt: Bowl of Oranges

P.S. I was torn between putting this in the word games sub-forum or this one, if I chose wrong I sincerely apologize.

Amber Leaf

Senior Member
life is like taking ketamine. its alright if your a horse but if your human your likley to spend all your time talking shit and not knowing whats going on.


Life is like a novel, many chapters in the same story.

Prompt: Stage

red lantern

Senior Member
Life is like a garden, it grows and changes and in places it might die back, but there is always potential for regrowth.


Senior Member
Life is like death. It can happen suddenly, or it can slowly creep ever closer to you. Either way, it's never what you expected.


Life is like a thing that's really hard to find an accurate simile for, due to conflicting theories and understandings of its inner workings and the possibility that it is different for each thing capable of experiencing it.


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Life is like the seasons...each has it time, each with it's pleasures and pains and each to be lived to the fullest and enjoyed.


WF Veterans
Life is like drademike.... claims to be legit but if it looks to good to be true it proabably is.


Life is like a piece of pizza, even the worst is still good.
Life is like a battery. It gives you power to do good or bad things. Some last longer than others. When it goes, you're dead. Also it hurts you if you misuse it. All give you a shock at one time. Some people unfortunately get rubbish ones even if they're good people. The manufacturer must have made an error.
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Life is like a diaper. You come into this world wearing them, and odds are, you will leave the same way.